Dooneys and Friends Show Their Colors on Super Sunday!

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  1. Let's cheer our favorites on today, GFs! :yahoo:

    Here we go.....



    Go BRONCOs!! :biggrin:

  2. Sue you are always our cheerleader!

    Not much interest for me, my Saints are retired for the year. Guess its the Broncos!
  3. It's a tough job, rosie, but we're carrying on the tradition started by BG in the DF! :lol:

    Glad you're joining in even though the Saints aren't playing. The Vikings were out of it so early that I've had to switch loyalties twice! ;). I definitely don't want to see Seattle, Denver it is!

    Hope you have a fun day! :biggrin:

  4. Go Broncos! My Bears are out so I'll root for Denver because my heart belongs to Colorado and the Rockies always. Oh and my kitty cat is named after Peyton Manning. :smile:

    Love that blue ostrich!
  5. GO BRONCOS!:woohoo:

    Since the orange and blue Bears are not in the Super Bowl, I'll be cheering for the orange and blue Broncos! I didn't take new pics. Just pretend the "C" stands for Colorado! :lol:

    Enjoy the game tonight!

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  6. Cute!
  7. Go Broncos!!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. Thanks, GF!

    I love that your cat is named for Peyton Manning! :biggrin:


  9. This combo works perfectly for today!

    Hope you enjoy the game as well! :biggrin::biggrin:

  10. Gorgeous, Sarah!

    The Broncos can't lose with the support that we're mustering here for them! ;)

  11. Thanks, Sue. Those are my "stock photos." :roflmfao: I was too lazy to get the bags out and re-do the photos together. (Not to mention my hubby is home and would think I was off my rocker. :cray: ) :roflmfao: I really don't care who wins today, but I do like Peyton Manning!

  12. Haha Thanks! I can't take credit though. We adopted him from my GF and her husband named him. :smile:

  13. Thanks TB!

    So was I!:lol: As far as DH thinking I'm off my rocker, he drew that conclusion when I asked him to hand me "Mandi" instead of saying my purse. He put the Psych Ward on speed dial once he realized I named my bags.:roflmfao:

  14. :smile: :smile: :smile:
  15. LOL. One of my friends has an orange tabby named "Robert Redfurred." :roflmfao: