Dooneys and Friends Face the Winter Weather

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  1. Hi everyone! :biggrin:

    Winter just doesn't want to give us a break this year! I hope that those of you who are in the path of the latest storm are safe at home! Let us know when you can, please!

    Here is my raspberry Cotton Coated Satchel enjoying some fresh air in our latest light (thank goodness) snow:


    My computer had to spend a couple of days at the "spa" recovering from a virus. However, I've been enjoying the pictures of your new arrivals (and existing favorites) on my iPad. I just haven't posted my "congratulations" to all! Thanks for the great pictures!

    By the way, ILD has both violet and baby pink Florentine Satchel with Pockets on their site under "Exclusives":

    It's amazing to see the discounts already on these colors! I'm tempted by the pink even though I know the bag is too heavy for me. :graucho:

  2. LOL, Sue. When I first saw this thread, I thought you guys were tired of me whining on the other one. I said, "Oh, man! they are sick of me so they made me a special place I can blah, blah, blah, about the weather and they don't have to see it....."

    In weather like this, it stinks to be a teacher. Now all I get to do, is sit at home and grade papers (although, what i am really doing is talking to you lovely ladies.......)
  3. Your satchel looks lovely, Sue. It's still cold here but thankfully the sun is shining so we'll be warming up later in the week.

    I can't believe all the new stuff that is showing up on ILD! And today is a Kate Spade Surprise sale, so it's taking all my willpower to NOT look. :roflmfao:
  4. Wow Sue, she is so pretty!! :loveeyes: That color looks similar to the new violet. What a pop of brightess in the snow. People seem to think bright colors are for Spring, but I think they are perfect for winter too. Thanks for sharing and stay warm!
  5. You and me both GG! I'm guilty of my share of complaints. Stay warm and safe!
  6. I can't believe these are on ILD, and I didn't even know this bag was available in these colors. It's so pretty in the Violet. I'm tempted too, but it's still kind of pricey so I think I'll wait. Thanks for the tip.
  7. Love your pop of color Sue!

    Twoboyz is does look like the new violet!

    I am determined to order something in flo violet and soon...I wear mostly neutrals and have had so much fun carrying a pop of color with my red Flo Satchel. I think the violet will be a perfect year-round color.
  8. I think you're right on the money with that one! Well hurry up and get it because I want to see it :smile:
  9. I just got the baby pink and it is fantastic! I love your bag out in the snow, so pretty!:tender:
  10. ur raspberry is so cute, Satchel Queen!

    I am expecting a lot of snowfall tonite but I;m going the opposite. Using a lot of wine and burgundy bags while I may. I will have to bring out my nekkid satchel soon enough.
  11. This pink is SO pretty! :loveeyes: The scarf adds an extra special pop to an already gorgeous bag!

    I think my next bag is going to have to be in this color!

  12. Thank you, GFs, for your compliments on my satchel. :love: She did shiver a little in the 10 degree weather so may look a little more violet in this picture than she does in real life (she's turning a bit blue in the cold! :lol:)

    This thread was to let everyone check in with those with terrible weather....complaints or comments of any kind are welcome. So are "cheer up" pictures of great bags! I live in SD where everyone talks about the weather all the winter especially.

  13. You did have to bring up this bag! ;) She's such a beauty!! She will forever be the "one who got away" to me! :biggrin: Before she makes her seasonal debut, wines & burgundies sound perfect!

  14. Trudysmom, I love your pink bag!!!! It's so pretty :smile:
  15. Thank you, I love color. :tender: