1. why!

    dude i love dooney & bourke, i don't hate the whole company for this, but spring and summer just can't warrant all these lines... that are so childish...

    i dunno, please dont' hate this company for it's mistakes, i can tell u right now i own 2 delicious bags that just DO IT for me, i really wish i had a digital camera, you'd know why i love them...

    they are called the "tattoo" line...

    but what do you think of THESE??? :
    why1.jpg why2.jpg why3.jpg
  2. I don't know. Dooney has some very classy bags. But why did Coach do Lady Bugs, Fish, and Poppies? there must be a market for them. I assume it is for a younger audience but perhaps not.
    I wouldn't fret. As long as Dooney has a line of bags you like, then let them worry about their sales and reputation. I'm sure they do enough research that will eventually let them know if their buyers prefer class over novelty or vice versa.
  3. i just know they take slack and ppl are posting about these lines that... honestly are a total turn off (not chasing me from dooney, just disapointing the hell out of me!) i just wish we could get them to come read the things people say about their lines. i wish they knew what we wanted! they should have some reps come to TPF i tell ya
  4. I'm not sure about the tattoo print I noticed they had one bag style on clearance on their website. I'm not in love with it. Probably wouldn't purchase it.

    If I ever did get a Dooney it would be either from the signature line. I love that gold closure on it. Or their croco leather line. I seen a cute wristlet that I want from that line.

    Also, the bumblebee coin purse is cute.

    I'm not sure if I'll ever get a Dooney, though.
  5. I never think to buy D&B. I don't think it is a bag with good design. This is my personal thinking.
  6. The 1st one is ok IMO. I've seen worse D&B bags, lol.

  7. Same here, I'm not a fan.
  8. the tattoo print has been around for a while. at first it was exclusive to Nordstrom, but then dooney put it on their site.
    it looks nice in person, but I wouldn't carry it.

    i've had bad luck with dooney bags. i had an it bag and the stiching came off. The gold O on my charm bag fell off a few months ago and dooney said they can't replace it cuz they don't make that line anymore. and the red leather on my denim wristlet had like a dark outlining on it and it all scratched off.
  9. I always thought their more whimsical lines were meant to appeal to the young, but you wouldn't believe how often I see middle-aged women carrying those multicolored IT bags. I hate to insult anyone's taste, but I think middle-aged women look silly carrying that stuff.
  10. i'm guessing i'm middle age at 33, but i happen to like the tattoo design a lot more than i don't like it, at least. and i don't think the multicolored It bag has an age as to who could pull it off. altho I do only have 2 D&B bags, I do agree that they should stick to a more minimalistic design.
  11. i do agree, these bags are a lot cuter than the pink, orange, purple, and white it bags... those are bad. i love dooney tho... can't we like contact them and tell them to cut it out lol... i'm still thinking of buying this bag (which i own in this color) in bright pink. it's all weather leather and it's SO hot...

    WOO i just found a pic of it. i tried it on and the store and LOVE it just as much as the grey one (duh it's the same cut) ... but can i rock that color? lol...
    MyNewDooney!.jpg I WANT.jpg