Dooney Zip Zip Satchel

Aug 13, 2014
The Dooney Zip Zip (ZZ) Satchel has always been one of my favorites. And I've known that the
look can be found in many other handbag brands too. The Dooney ZZ has been around for
decades and QVC recently said that the style (in pebbled leather) was now exclusive to them. OK, fine, I have a
rainbow of ZZ satchels, so I really don't need anymore. I'd still like to see more colors and different

Well, I don't think the days of the ZZ are over just yet. I just saw a YT video of a
Hermes Bolide vintage handbag. My guess it that interest in this style handbag will increase.
In a few years the classic satchels will again be fashionable and lots of brands will be featuring them again.

What do you think? Do you like this style?


Sep 17, 2013
I had a zip zip in olive for a few years. I liked the design and feel of it when worn, a lot. So handsome. I gifted it to a helper when I saw that the pebbled leather on the back wall was softening (as pebbled leather does) and I didn’t want to stick around to see how that would wind up.

Despite my vows and swearings to buy NO MORE BAGS, I succumbed to a Mercari popup bargain for a ZipZip in Desert...a color I liked so much and doesn’t seem to be around Dooney or ILD at the moment. I’m more a neutral type when it comes to what works with that Dooney trim. It arrived after about 10 days. Thus is Mercari :sad:. Soooo...with these 2022 eyes, it seems largish to me and a little out of date. Which is funny coming from me because a high proportion of my bags are pre2015. And large-ish? I even wondered if Dooney was making it a bit bigger ... but no. It used to seem like a small, just bordering medium bag.

I put this new ZipZip in the closet with the rest of the herd. I feel no draw to wear it but perhaps in the fall when the color is really up. And the thing is, I don’t know why it feels dated ... or too staid. It just does :smile:
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Aug 13, 2014
WestVillage: funny thing about handbag size. Over time, as what we carry changes or
styles change, what once felt small seems large and vice versa. I used to carry the
mini size Florentine satchel. Then I outgrew it and moved into the small.
The large (previously called medium) is too heavy for me to carry.

Before the pandemic,
my zip zips were just the right size. Then I had to add another pouch to my handbag
to hold masks, hand sanitizer, wipes, and other assorted stuff. Now the ZZ seems a little small
and I'm using more tote size bags.... while the rest of the world seems to be carrying
small, mini, and micro handbags.

It's nice to have options. I give a lot of handbags to family and friends, but
my closet is still stuffed with decades of handbags of various sizes. Not only do styles change
and our needs change, but also the occasions for which we have handbags change.
In the 'day', I had a large collection of dress handbags.... small, often clutches, in
a mini rainbow of colors to match occasion outfits. I haven't used any of these handbags
in at least 5 years.


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Apr 19, 2020
My first Dooney was between a zip zip and a pebble grain crossbody. I bought the crossbody and I still love that bag. I always look at the zz when I see a sale online, but sadly, I have never bought one. Now, I wish I had. Especially if you can only get the pebbled ones on QVC. I will probably never buy one from there.

It seems to me, that in the past, the zz and the crossbody I have, were always available on ILD for amazing prices! They were all over Ebay too! So, I figured I had all the time in the world to "eventually" get one.

Now, when I have been on ILD or Ebay, the colored ones seem very hard to find. In good condition at a good price.

I wish I had also collected more of the pebbled crossbody too. I'll keep my eyes out for sure....but being able to buy a brand new one for a great price is so much better than buying used. At least in my experience. But that's a whole new

I know what you're saying about being able to find that same silhouette/style in other brands ...but I so prefer Dooney's quality to the other brands I have. Which is not many. I only have bags by Michael Kors, Patricia Nash (which I do like their quality too) and 1 lonely Kate Spade.
Aug 13, 2014
lJG: i prefer the Dooney handbag quality also. And who knows when some ZZ will show up
on ILD or Dooney will re-issue the style (maybe with slight differences). The number of ZZ that
QVC quotes as being sold there is much too low. It's probably only includes the current item
number. Prior 'versions' might have had different item #'s, they certainly had lower list prices.
QVC sold hundreds of thousands of them.
Aug 13, 2014
So is QVC saying that the zips up will no longer appear on the Dooney website or ILD but will only be sold on QVC?
That's what I concluded when they said the style was going to be 'exclusive' to QVC.
Of course, that could mean it won't be sold by any other retailer or store.
Dooney's own online channels (like .com and ILD) may not be affected.
And as with most things 'marketing', things often change over time.

In the past, styles exclusive to Dillards were sometimes on ILD.
And different leathers, different trims, different dimensions in a handbag
are sometimes considered 'different styles'. Sometimes one store has
an exclusive on certain colors.


Oct 18, 2007
I actually bought the zip zip in orange Alto leather as a test run to buying a Hermes Bolide. It’s a great bay and I gave it my sister when I got the Bolide. She still has the zip zip and it’s aged beautifully
Aug 13, 2014
Makes sense to test out a handbag style to see if it works for you before buying
a more expensive brand. Sometimes the features of the higher end brand
make the bag even better and more usable. And sometimes the 'test' handbag
is wonderful too. A Dooney Alto is a very high quality test case. Glad you enjoyed
it to know the style worked for you.

I have the Dooney Zip Zip in Alto and in Pebbled Leather. Love them both...
different and yet both great. I don't worry about the Pebbled Leather and it
has more internal organization. But I do love the Alto leather too.