Dooney troubles

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  1. Hi All!!! I just wanted to share with everyone an experience I had with customer service at Dooney and Bourke. My mother purchased me a new dooney for Chirstmas this year(we both have been carrying Dooney bags for over a year and love them). I loved the bag, however within a week I could not believe how filthy it had gotten. I tried cleaning the spot but was unable to remove it, I carried the bag for 3 weeks before it got so dirty that I sent an email asking how to clean it..they told me club soda, but if that didn't work to send the bag back to them and they would take care of it for me. I couldn't clean it so I sent it back and in 3 weeks I recieved a letter stating that my bag was not cleanable and they would give me a credit of 97.50 to use toward a non sale item. I called them stating I thought this was not fair being I only carried the bag for 3 weeks, I would like a replacement, they asked me to send proof of purchase, which I did, and they said they needed to rereview the bag. Another 2 weeks go by and they finally call me to tell me that the 97.50 credit is all they will give me. I am very disappointed and will NEVER carry a Dooney again.
  2. Wow. I take it the original cost of the bag was a lot more than 97.50?

    Was this one of their fabric bags?

    I've seen messages in other forums from women complaining that they can't clean the Dooney bags. I had called Dooney and asked about cleaning and got the club soda line. And the line about how they're specially treated to repel dirt so you don't need to spray them with Scotchguard or anything. But I'm not convinced.

    I'm sure sorry to hear about your troubles. I love Dooney bags but this has talked me out of buying another fabric bag.
  3. What type of bag was it?

    I'll be perfectly honest, I love the Dooney bags I have (ten bags and four accesories) and I've never had any problems with their customer service or quality control--then again I've never needed to replace one of their bags.
    Please don't be offended, but soiling a bag so heavily within three weeks is so unusual, and sounds well outside the realm of normal wear and tear. What did you put it through for that to have happened?
  4. I agree.

    I'll add that if I got a bag dirty, got an offer from a manufacturer to have it shipped to them for a cleaning at no charge, and they tried unsuccessfully to clean the bag, and as a result offered me $97.50 off a new bag for nothing they did one heck of a customer satisfaction effort.

    How could you be disappointed?
  5. I'm actually quite surprised they did that to you. because I had a bag that got dirty and I emailed their customer service, told them about it and they told me to ship that bag to them and they will try to clean it. It couldn't be cleaned so they sent me a brand new bag. I've never had problems with Dooney & Bourke before. I would try emailing them back again or calling their customer service. I've had a total of 7 Dooney bags and never had a problem. I agree with caxe and shoefan