Dooney Treo Case on Sale just for Mother's Day!

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    I saw it on sale at Christmas and Valentines and now for mother's day. It always goes back to retail price once the holiday is over so grab it at this price while you can if you love Dooney and have a Palm!
    They also make an IT multicolore style case. LOVE LOVE!:nuts:
    AND an all weather leather one.

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    ONLY $99.99 for a Dooney & Bourke Nile Wrislet! Save $25 (Originally $124.99). Details

    Stylish protection for your Palm® Treo™ smartphone in Black, Rouge and Wheat.

    Treo 750
    Treo 700wx
    Treo 700p
    Treo 650
    Treo 700w
    Treo 600
    Treo 680

    Luxury takes a walk on the wild side! Dooney & Bourke's exclusive Nile cases feature plush Italian leather embossed with the rich texture of alligator print, hand-finished with natural oils. In rouge, black, or wheat, the case's tailored lines become stunningly exotic. Features include:
    Convenient, removable wrist strap
    Leather snap flap closure
    Solid brass metal accents with a light, gold-colored finish
    Special slots to hold your credit cards and cash
    Zippered pocket for coins

    These are on but no sale price :push: :crybaby:

  2. :love: those are cute! maybe if my mom's good she'll get a cellphone holder hehe
  3. Just found this on eBay and thought it was cute..
    found on ebay...jpg