Dooney Spring 2014 Preview!

  1. Just for starters I know I want the Alto (or Ostrich) Camilla Satchel in creamy white and the Montecatini Buckle Slouch in Natural :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes: Oh boy, add the pebble grain Zip Zip Satchel, nylon rugby tote, and hopefully another Stanwich satchel (I was disappointed we didn't get to see a preview of any new colors) and I am in trouble! LOL I also have to consider the bags I won't have considered that show up in posts here on our forum that I will have to have! Such fun to look forward too!
  2. OMG, so many beauties!! :loveeyes: :faint: Thanks for the link, LG!!
  3. I like the madras and the rugby collections for summertime!! And wow... that ivory is calling my name!!

  4. OMG! Me too!!
  5. Swooooooooooooooooooooon.


  6. The ivory top right has me swooning!!!!!! OMG!

    Can you tell if that's one or two straps?
  7. wow! first time in about 3 yrs that I liked the preview.

    I love the new Alto totes. I might get the Camilla in red.
  8. I am pretty sure it is two. It is the Montecatini Buckle Slouch. It is only available in Crimson right now and the one on Dooney has two straps. Gorgeous, right?!
  9. The madras collection is so sweet for summer :tender:
  10. Thanks LG! Gorgeous is right!! I prefer one strap but this may be an exception!
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    I wonder if they have re-designed that bag for summer? It sure looks like one wider strap on the pic. :confused1:



    Here's what the description says... Buckle slouch in a creamy white natural tone-three inside compartments, two inside zip pockets, one inside pocket, one cell phone pocket, lined-with an adjustable strap and magnetic closure.
  12. Yes! Definitely looks like a redesign with a single strap and I am IN LOVE!! I was just about to send in a trade-in to order the current montecatini hobo, but I think I may have to wait for this instead.
  13. :happydance: I might have to find a trade in candidate, too!! :lol:
  14. Hope there will be more satchels with structure.