Dooney Sophie hobo from QVC

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  1. I purchased the Sophie hobo that was the TSV last Saturday. This is probably one of the best bags ever! I actually like the new lining and I use the wallet that came with it to store my coupons and extra cards. The leather is so soft and it is getting softer with each use. It is a medium/large bag and it is not heavy at all. I wish I had gotten the natural color as a TVS as well. This will definitely become a Dooney classic. I have carried it to the mall and to church. I have received tons of compliments already.

    Dooney and Bourke Sophie hobo.jpg
  2. Such a gorgeous bag! If I wasn't on a self imposed ban I would have definitely gotten this! Enjoy it!
  3. I only got it because it was on easy pay. I am so glad I did because it is a great bag. I have been carrying only Michael Kors for the last year, but this bag brought me back to my Dooney roots. If the natural color goes to 5 or 6 easy pay, I will definitely get it in that color as well. I just cannot get over how soft this European leather is on the Sophie. I even like her name.:lol::lol::lol:

  4. How do you like the lining? I know it had mixed reviews.
  5. Congrats! I wish I hadn't cancelled my order. :sad: I've been reading all the great reviews and now regret it. I'm glad you like yours. Welcome back to the Dooney side :smile:
  6. I'm right there with ya TB :sad:
  7. I do not have a problem with the lining at all. I actually like that it is not that pink from years ago or the red cotton. I baby my bags, but I cannot stand if the lining starts to show dirt from normal use. I love the new lining. It does not cheapen the bag in my opinion.
  8. I started to cancel my order, but the day I was going to finally bite the bullet it had already shipped. I tell you this is going to be the "must have" bag when it is released to the masses in 2015.
  9. I was on a bag ban until I watched QVC and the Sophie was the TSV. :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  10. It was a good buy... especially since the ladies here realized it's calf leather. I LOVE the style. Just not sure about the lining. I'm picky over the dumbest crap lol

  11. Too funny!!! It took a lot of restraint for me but 2 dooneys and an MK from Macy's VIP sale is it for now! This bag will be released to department stores?
  12. I was concerned about the lining when I read reviews on QVC, but it real is a non-issue to me. I am probably one of the pickiest people when it comes to bags and I was prepared to hate the lining, but it really is not bad at all.
  13. During one of the presentations of the TSV, one of the hosts said the new Seville leather would be released to the masses in 2015. Dooney tends to launch bags on the Q before we see them in regular department stores.

  14. Ah ha! Thanks for the info!

  15. It would be great if these end up at the outlets. However I feel like QVC always says that about the tsv's, the ones made for QVC with accessories, but they never end up anywhere but QVC. Is it one of those little white lies told by QVC? I've been waiting for the pebbled leather some buckle satchel to show up at the outlets. They also said it would be out in retail.