Dooney Small Crocofino satchel in Bordeaux

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  1. Got this bag last month and had forgotten to take a pic and reveal her. Small crocofino satchel in Bordeaux.

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  2. Nice! That is such a pretty color. :love:
  3. She's so pretty. The Croco fino satchels are one of my favorites. I love the Bordeaux and really want one, but I thought it was too close to the cognac that I have. I'm thinking maybe when and if they ever go lower at the outlet I might get another. :smile: Congrats
  4. Thank you Sarah!

    Thank you! ITA! They are so gorgeous! I suggest ivy or navy!

  5. Ivy is definitely a contender. Since I have the blue Toledo small satchel coming tomorrow I might have by blue slot filled :smile: loooovvvve that Ivy though!
  6. :happydance: YAY!
  7. It's sooooo pretty!!!! I'm jealous!

    I'm dying to get that small croco satchel in red.
  8. Very pretty MaryBel - congrats!
  9. She's pretty!
  10. Absolutely beautiful bag. Love it in this color. I keep telling myself I don't "need" one...but myself isn't listening very well.

    Warm Wishes,
  11. Very pretty bag!:smile:
  12. Stunning color bag, MaryBel.
  13. Another beauty MB!:loveeyes:
  14. Stunning!
  15. So beautiful and so classy! Enjoy!