Dooney Show Hours On Qvc...

  1. Hello ladies,

    Just to offer a little more help, the show hours are:

    Fri, 6/15/07 3am-5am CT
    Fri, 6/15/07 10a-12p CT
    Fri, 6/15/07 10p-11p CT
    Wed 6/20/07 4a-5a CT

    Hope we all find something wonderful!!:yahoo:
  2. Hmmmm...let's see...translating from Central time to Eastern time...3am, add two... *does chisenbop* ...minus 1.4, times eight, pound, backslash...carry the four...
  3. Thanks!!

    caxe, your time calculations sound quite a bit like mine!
  4. Gee, I wonder why the strange hours. Most of us will be either sleep dreaming about our next dooney, at work earning money to buy a dooney, or out on the town carrying our dooneys during those show times.

    By the way, I hear many people use "easy pay" on qvc to buy their dooneys. What is "easy pay"?
  5. Easy pay is when they let you pay a percentage of the total cost over a period of months. For example, if a bag costs $300, they may let you "easy pay" it over a period of three months, and you'll pay approximately $100 per month. You use easy pay with a credit card, and they automatically deduct the money from your account every month.

  6. its on from 11-12 tonight ET.
  7. Did anybody get anything good?