Dooney Sample Sale

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  1. #1 Jul 20, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2016
    Hi GFs,
    I know some of us went to the sample sales and thought it will be interesting to talk about the styles we saw and also post pics of the goodies we got.

    So I'll go first. I was in CA when the sale started and unfortunately was not able to go the first day, so I ended up going only in the afternoon of the second day.

    They had 4 tables of samples, but I think a lot of them were either leftover older style bags and maybe some were the original samples for collections already released. I only saw a few that I had not seen before but I don't know if they were new or older styles.

    Let me see if I remember what I saw:
    Table 1:
    Florentine Logan in t-moro
    Montecito Liliana in Bone
    Saffiano zip zip in orange
    Ostrich zip zip in gray/black trim
    Ostrich drawstring in gray/gray trim
    Lexington totes in pebbled leather
    Siena DS
    Patent tote in caramel (this one I had not seen before)
    Roxy in yellow (I think the color is called butter)
    Claremont DS in red
    Claremont Olivia in coral? I forgot the color, it was kind or orange, red.
    Saffiano Syndey in black (without the strap)
    Daffodil DS in white
    City small barlow in light gray
    City small barlow in charcoal

    Table 2:
    Tartan zip zip (like the one from Macy's, which I have)
    Hearts zip sip (also from Macy's)
    A few Carley bags
    Signature zipper tassel shoulder bag (this one is an old style)
    Some other siggy pieces
    Nylon small leighton tote in navy
    Somerset mini zip zip in blue
    Nylon crossbody in gray
    A yellow DS, with a wider trim with some kind of perforations on it.

    Table 3:
    Florentine Clayton in red
    Florentine Domed buckle satchel in gray
    Florentine small satchel in crimson or bordeaux
    Florentine pocket satchel (the one with one pocket in the front) in marine or navy
    Florentine small satchel in small
    Seville Hobo in sage or green
    Seville Callie Zipper hobo in navy
    Amazon tote in light blue
    Large Roxy in yellow (I think the color is called butter)

    Table 4:
    Claremont tote in lavender
    Croco large barlow in red
    Croco large barlow in t-moro
    Woven large barlow in blue
    Ostrich Tara or Jennie (blue in one side, natural in the back)
    Python DS in brown

    Small display with crossbody bags:
    Florentine Cristina in black
    Verona Bionda in burgundy
    Cristina in charcoal croco/dark brown trim
    Saffiano Lexi in turquoise
    Claremont field bag in orange
    Lulu small fiona in blue
    Mini zip zip in gray snake
    Mini zip zip in black pebbled leather
    Lexi in houndstooth

    So as you can see there was a lot to chose from. I ended up with:
    Roxy in yellow (I think the color is called butter)
    City small barlow in charcoal
    Croco large barlow in red
    Florentine Cristina in black
    Verona Bionda in burgundy
    Claremont field bag in orange
    Lulu small fiona in blue

    Here are the pics:

    SmallDSC03240WM.jpg SmallDSC03238WM.jpg SmallDSC03237WM.jpg SmallDSC03242WM.jpg SmallDSC03245WM.jpg SmallDSC03244WM.jpg
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  2. Then on Monday I went to my local store to get 1 and ended up getting way more. My store didn't have as many ad the store in CA, well, I didn't see all they got since some stuff was already gone since the sale started but the manager told me that they didn't get any florentines and Roxies.

    They had a Dixon in python (black and white)
    Claremont python domed satchel in purple
    Dover tote in a new embossing, in t-moro
    Large croco barlow in green
    a few pebbled zip zips
    a few siganture pieces
    Patent Dover totes
    Fairfield Champsac in black fabric (this is an old style, I want to say from 2010 maybe?)
    Some lexington totes in pebbled leather
    I don't remember anything else.

    And I got:
    Dover tote in a new embossing, in t-moro (love the camo inside)
    Large croco barlow in green
    Champsac in black fabric (Could not resist this one)

    Here are the pics:

    SmallDSC03248WM.jpg SmallDSC03250WM.jpg SmallDSC03255WM.jpg SmallDSC03252WM.jpg
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  3. Wow you girls got some pretty bags
    I hope you enjoy them
    That black duck one it different
  4. Very nice bags. The duck one at the end is nice. Is that a metal or leather duck on front?
  5. Thanks GF!

    The duck is plastic, tortoise color. It sits inside a goldtone metal duck.
  6. Thank you!
    Yeah, that one is an old one, I think it is from 2010. It was part of a collection called Fairfield. They had siggy bags in black, brown and red and also leather bags.
  7. MB: You bought some lovely handbags. I love all the Barlows and the Flos, of course. I have some handbags from the Fairfield collection, from years ago. At the time, there was a concern about the tortoise duck falling off..... I used a little crazy glue around the outside of the duck, just to reinforce the glue. Never had a problem.

    I almost bought the emerald green large Barlow a few weeks ago, but tried to show some restraint, since I had been buying so many handbags. But that emerald green is beautiful. Enjoy all your new handbags. You did us proud.
  8. Thanks GF!
    I have 2 champosas, a large one in black and a small one in yellow. I have only used them a few times and never had an issue with the duck falling off but I've seen pics on ebay of some of them without it. I was just thinking I need to do the crazy glue to add extra security!

    I was tempted to buy the croco barlow from ILD but since I was going to be away, I didn't want my package staying outside, so I passed and then it was gone, so I was happy to get this one, even though the green is a true sample, it doesn't have any of the pockets in the lining and it has the sample stamp in the lining. Ah, and it came with a shorter strap. I don't care. The red one is perfect.
  9. MB, these are gorgeous!! My fave is the tmoro croco......I would love to find one of those. Glad you had so much fun.
  10. I thought it looked different. Pretty. :smile:
  11. Another awesome haul from our resident "Pursefessional". I am partial to the croc bags. Love them! That Dover Tote is intriguing. I have seen that croc pattern in a different color on a bag on eBay. It was referred to as a Luritote, for what it's worth. I also like that grey duck fabric. Would love to see that on a tote with the back trim. They probably already did that years ago for all I know. Thanks for the eye candy post GF!
  12. Thanks Kc!
    Yeah, I soon as I saw that tote I grabbed it and knew she was coming home with me!
  13. Thanks GF!
    Me too, I love exotics, so any kind of embossing (ostrich, lizard, croco, or animal prints) reels me in real quick!
    I had seen it too but I don't remember but yep, that name rings a bell! I think we even briefly discuss it here, but don't remember if it was a new style or one of those exclusives.
    The only one they did would be the Champtote (that was the name of the style). I just did a google search and found this one:
  14. BTW GF, I must applaud your note taking efforts or memory for jotting down everything you saw. Very impressive! That did not even cross my mind and I was waiting for the store to open that day. I had spotted a small python Barlow in the ivy color. Walked around with it for a bit then saw that the scales were damaged so back to the table it went. Same for a damaged grey python Barlow with a hole in it. I wish I had seen something that really grabbed me. There were a couple possibilities, but it would be buying for the sake of buying and I am trying to be more mindful of purchases. Space is at a premium in the closets so a bag has to be a stunner to get in there at this point. I did see a pretty Elisa with dark trim and teal croc. Very nice looking but small bag and not a fan of that style. Nothing spoke to me. Such a bummer.
  15. Nice haul MB!! I also have to say your memory is on point! No wonder they have you doing the work of several people! I love that croco Dover. That is so interesting and beautiful. The Roxy is still on my wish list. I've been waiting for them to get to the outlets so I can test out the different sizes. It's such a cool bag. Enjoy all of your new loot and thanks for sharing all of that info.