dooney rolling trunks

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  1. i saw one at the airport the other day and FELL IN LOVE! it was sooo cute and totally me. its was the IT pattern and now i am on the hunt to find it. its the perfect carry on size and so chic and adorable.

    does anyone have any pics of the rolling trunks? they are beyond cute and id love to see more and more!
  2. I would love to see pics as-well.
  3. They had this, on ebay:

  4. Also this one, a bit bigger:

  5. They're so cute. I'd love to see it in the IT pattern.
  6. I saw the huge ones at the outlet in Cabazon. It was the it pattern. I can not remember how much it was but I remember looking at the retail price and the outlet price and thinking what a deal!
  7. Those are pretty. Would be fun to travel with.
  8. Ack! This is sooooo cute! I saw one similar to this (I think it was in pink) at the outlet...I'd love to own one, but I don't travel enough to use it. :sad: And I'd be too paranoid to carry one around. :P
  9. i will be starting my hunt for the IT rolling trunk soon because ill be traveling this summer (all over the US) visiting friends and family...and i need to travel in style
  10. About how long ago was that? Sounds like I may need to take a roadtrip!!!
  11. I LOVE that hearts one!! I travel all the time, so I would def. use that! wish I could find one.
  12. They are really cute.
  13. i was almost thrilled when i saw an IT rolling trunk on ebay, but it was pink and i want either black or hunt continues
  14. I hope you find one, Cindy! I'll be on the lookout for you! :search:They are soo cute! I don't remember what lines, but I remember seeing them at the outlet!
  15. i almost settled for a coach one today...but at the last min. said NO I WANT DOONEY!