Dooney premium shipping not refunded on a return??


Apr 10, 2015
Hey all!! I finally received my drawstring from the new pebble line in Jeans and it's fabulous. So I ordered one for my mom and paid premium shipping to get it here before her visit. When it arrived, I found it was defective. The eyelet that is punched out for the drawstring appears to have been punched in the wrong place then relaunched leaving a cut in the leather. So I called Dooney. They will do a return no problem and won't charge the typical $7.50+tax for shipping but will not refund the premium shipping. What the what?? I asked why, she said they never refund the additional shipping fee. I replied, but it's defective. I can understand wanting to inspect it first or something, but a flat no even when I asked again. Have you ever encountered this??