Dooney Pals Off-Topic Chat Thread

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  1. I thought it might be fun to have a "strictly O/T" thread where we can talk about anything. Other purse brands, shopping, families, pets, cooking, what we did today... whatever!

    Today I'm doing some vacuuming and making pot roast. How's that for O/T??? :P
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  2. Reading and waiting for Mr Brown Shorts to show up😃
  3. Uh oh. First, what are you reading? Second, what are you waiting on Mr. Brown Shorts for?? Inquiring minds...
  4. Reading Ken Follet' s Winter of the World - wondeful!

    Waiting for Coach Courtenay in sand to make her way here! I was too lazy to go to the mall the other day so I bought a 100/300 coupon on EBay for $1.50 and ordered her😄
  5. I'll have to get that Follet book; I haven't read any of his stuff in a while.

    And ooooooh, Courtenay in sand! For some reason I really love the Coach sand color. I can't wait to see the pics!
  6. He'll be there soon he just left here. They are like Santa Claus right, they wiggle there nose and go from house to house delivering purses to good little girls.
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  7. That can't be right. He left something at my house. :roflmfao:
  8. I'm embarrassed to say what I'm doing. I'm listening to this Jodi Arias trial while I do chores around the house. uggghhh, I just want her to get to THE part.
  9. Okay girls with credit cards?
  10. I quit following trials after the Casey Anthony debacle. I still can't believe that.
  11. Yeah. That's more like it. :cool:
  12. image-1727047698.jpg

    She's here! And she's a keeper - perfect in every way!
  13. OMG, she's beautiful! Don't you just love that color!!? It reminds me of raw vachetta, but is easier to keep. :love: Congrats, Rosie.
  14. Thanks Sarah! She's bigger than I pictured her, but I'm in love with her! The color is beautiful and just perfect for spring/summer. Now she needs a dragonfly do dad ... Hmmm
  15. She definitely does need a doo-dad. :yes: