Dooney newbie, help authenticate how do you tell?

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  1. How do all of you know which dooneys are real and which are fake? Any tips?

    What do you think of this?
    I am just wondering because it is selling VERY cheaply?
    authentic?.jpg authentic2.jpg authentic3.jpg
  2. Pictures are not clear enough to authenticate. Closeups of the zippers and handles would be good.
  3. Tip 1: Do a comparison, go online and find a picture of a same bag and compare.
    Tip 2: Ask the person if they can send you additional pictures.

    But for me, just looking at the bag, that is an authentic bag.
    The reason it may be so cheap is because some people may just be trying to get rid of the bag to purchase a new one. I have purchased a dooney and bourk bag for under $50 that is worth $200 and the seller just had too many bags. But do more research in you are still not sure.
  4. Thats soooooooo fake.

    Dont ask how or why, it just is x__x.
  5. Yeah that bag is not authentic. The stars are way too far apart, and it just looks loose and poorly made.
  6. Only way to auth is to find the same bag and make sure everything looks correct. Common fakes for dooney is the signature db print and apparently stars.

    Those stars are too far apart.

    Also tag comparison and inside material. The inside material is a huge tip.
  7. there's an authenticity thread posted at the top of this Forum for these questions.
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