Dooney new additions of Hands and medallion


what line of dooney do you most prefer

  1. doodle

  2. Croco

  3. signature anniversy /large quilt

  4. IT

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. ok i have just recently saw the hands and medaillion and i am abosultely in love with hands but medaillion i am still at odds with not sure ...both hands come in either a white or black background and with the print over it.... i definetly will be picking up the hands bag but in black back drop ..


  2. I also like the hands in black. But the line I most prefer is the new Giraffe. I have a small sac and absolutely love it!
  3. I still want an IT bag. Someday.........

    Not a fan of croc although I have a couple of non Dooney bags trimmed with croc. The colors are wonderful though. Thought I would love signature but didn't much care for it when I had one. Doodle is very cute but I ought to get the original first!