Dooney Lovers--Post Up Your NON-DOONEY Favorites

  1. OK, I know lots of us are "equal opportunity handbag lovers." We can't love just ONE!! So, post up your favorites in other brands.

    I'll start. :biggrin: My Brighton "Kodiak." LOVE!!! :love:

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    My new Kate Spade! She's so lady-like:smile:

    Very pretty Brighton!
  3. Cute KS! Love the bow.
  4. image-3096241468.jpg

    My new and very first Brahmin to go with my fuchsia satchel
  5. It actually looks more red :sad: , but it's pretty pink
  6. Delicious!
  7. Thanks Sarah!
  8. Love the Brahmin! We need a pic of both of them together, GG!!
  9. I will take one in the sunshine tomorrow. The Brahmin is coming out red and it is irritating me. :sad:
  10. The Brahmin is still coming out red, but here is a pic of both together

  11. This one is a little more true to color.

  12. Oooooh, nice!! :love: They coordinate perfectly.
  13. That's what I was thinking. I couldn't believe it when I put them side by side and they matched

  14. I have that Kate Spade! I haven't cut the tags off yet, I don't know what I'm waiting for...
    Do you like yours?
  15. Here is my Brahmin Dagny in Azure.