Dooney Key Leash

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  1. I got a new car this week. I had my Acadia for nine years (loved the car!). My new Jeep does not have a key to start the car (like most cars these days) but you have to have the fob on your person. In the past I have never used the key leash but with this new car, I am finding I can keep the fob connected to the key leash in my bag and as I walk up to the car it will unlock (after I pull the door handle).
    So, I am appreciating something with my Dooneys that I have never found a use for!
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  2. Enjoy your new car.
  3. Thank you!!!
  4. Oooh, yes KC enjoy your new ride by all means. :tup: I have an old car too so I understand why you kept holding on to the Acadia (plus no car payments!), and now excitement over a new!
  5. Thanks LB! I am enjoying it! While I am not super techy—it has Apple CarPlay-which has been pretty cool. :smile:
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  6. Congrat KC! :hugs:
    Enjoy! New cars are so much fun to drive, especially after you've driven an old car for so long. (I drove my minivan 11 years before I got a new car.:lol:)
    Make sure your bag is not sitting on the seat where someone can reach in and grab it. Once they're gone your car will stop because the fob it out of range. (Happened to a friend of mine.)
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  7. Well that is certainly something to think about regarding the fob....that never crossed my mind!!
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  8. Years ago my mom was walking to her car early in the morning to go to work and someone snatched her bag. The Chicago policeman said never carry your keys in your purse so you at least have access to your home and car. (And you don't have to change the locks because they have your address on your driver's license.) I do keep my Oakland house keys on the leash in my bag, or hooked to the zipper pull if there is no leash. But when I drive my DD's car, I put the fob in my jacket pocket, or in the compartment by the cup holders if I'm not wearing a jacket. When I'm in SF for the weekend I hook the keys to my sister's apartment to my bra strap, since I'm on buses and in a lot of crowded places. :biggrin:
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