Dooney is going higher.........

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  1. :wtf:

    for a dooney? no.

    it's gorgeous...but...well....that's a lot of money for ANY bag, let alone a dooney.
  2. Sorry but no way! For that $, I rather add a few thousands for a birkin or get a few Balenciaga for that price.
  3. gorgeous, classic bag made in Italy and not a bad price for alligator...I really am tired of all the Dooney bashing. I may not be the biggest fan but they make some lovely, well priced and good uality bags and I wouldn't turn my nose at that lovely exotic skin:drool: I'd want to see it irl and compare with, say, Nancy Gonzalez
  4. You can get a Gucci at that price
  5. It's beautiful...really.
    But after my last Dooney purchase (a Vintage Sac) and I gave it as a gift to a friend) who BTW is a gentle bag user, I was never so embarrassed when she showed me all the threads around the handles pulled away and fell off after only a short time of use. I don't expect that from a 200 dollar + bag. So I have to admit I am sceptical of their quality now.
    So...No, I would not buy a 4800 dollar bag from them.
    But I still love alot of their designs and have a real soft spot for some of their Nile bags and Sig Anniversary bags.
  6. You should have your friend send the bag back to the factory. Dooney will repair the bag due to defect for free.
  7. I wouldn't buy that even if it was Chanel. :shrugs:
  8. Holy ****! It's pretty, but no, I can't spend that much money on a handbag, ever. Especially since I don't know the durability of exotic skins...
  9. Will they repair it? From what I have read and heard they have really went downhill on their repair policy and that they hardly ever repair but just send you a coupon for 1/2 of the retail of that bag to go towards a new Dooney. That means she will have to pay money for her own present.

    Anyone get repairs lately? Or deal with D&B in this regard?
  10. No. Not because it's D&B, but because I don't buy non by-product skins.

    Also, the skin doesn't appear to be well-placed on the bag. :shrugs: The larger scales are all off to one side.
  11. I agree. Nice shape but strangely executed and just looks a bit wonky to me. Nothing to do with the name, I just think there are much sleeker models out there, I want to reach into my screen and have a good feel to see if this is just a dodgy photo. Then again, you think you'd make sure you'd got the best photo to market a bag that costs this much.
  12. No, while I really like Dooney and have been a long time fan, I would not step up and pay that amount even if I had the funds.

  13. ITA. :yes:
  14. 1. I would never buy alligator(or snakeskin, etc.)
    2. The bag shape is cute, but for that price, I rather go to Hermès.