Dooney introduces new line and shapes

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  1. [well i stopped by my local lord and taylor and saw they had very much expaned their dooney collection and had a sale on some DB so i picked up an wristlet and headed hoem to look at the dooney webiste and see if they had any bags on sale on the website that i liked even better than at L&T well they added a new line called crossword and i very much like teh east west tote and the samela bag and the colors the they come in r interesting but not all teh bags r in stock so can not see all teh bags in the various colors but they have the tabs of the various colors the bag is offered in below the item and also dooney has added some more shapes in some of their other lines also which am pleased to note here is a sample :




  2. I've never seen the crossword line before. I wish your pics had been bigger. But I'll go check out their site now!

    :sad: I checked out their site. The crossword bag is there, I think it's so cute, as I'm a fan of "quirky", off the wall type bags like that. In the neutral colors I think it looks very interesting, although I'm not sure I'd want it in red or anything. The sad face is because I just spent my "Dooney money" for the month; I just ordered two Medallion duffles, one in black and one in white! Although I probably shouldn't be TOO's not like I can order them now or anything. Dooney takes FOVEVER to get their new bags in stock. I waited over a month for the Medallion duffle to come in...and even though I placed my order (they said it was in stock) I was STILL told that it was on backorder!
  3. Yaaay new dooney stuff to look at to the mall! The last time I went to take a look at new dooney's, I ended up with a new Coach bag. lol Thanks for the info sign_coachboi and alexag.
  4. caxe no need to be sad u will have your medaillon bags and than soon enough you will be getting teh crossword and i also agree with you Dooney takes so long to get bags in stock they need to get better with catalogs .... i honestly can not wait for the crossword east west tote to become available i have been wanting a new everyday tote for ahwile in a nice funky print but wa sunabel to find it and now dooney has answered my prayer .... thanks alexag also for the metalic link wow those r catching my eye also and yes i am very much exicted about these new addition dooney has come out with .. I very much like dooneybecause they offer the consumer with so many opitions although i may not like very design they put out at least no two dooney bags do not look the same .. now the big hassle of choosing what dooney to pick up ... i very much am loving french leather also ... what bag to choose ?!
  5. the metallic ones are lovely!!! i like it! their croco and the suede bag is nice too! good thing they are now coming out with classier designs
  6. OMG...I SO want that metallic duffle. I'm kind of a Dooney duffle fetish...I just ordered numbers three and four (Medallion print) and the metallics are NEXT on my radar!

    What do you guys think about this one:

    The price is steep, but the bag is gorgeous. LOL. And it matches my nails.
  7. i think it is a very nice bag what color wld u go for but i feel like people would maybe try and say it was a hayden P bag with the HP tag like not sure y dooney did not enlarge DB tag than have a HP charm for the actress... but overal is a very nice bag ... i am in love with the croco tote but and i def understand price spectrum i luv the croco tote i posted but is at the same price point overal we can rest assured that it is quailty with the price and dooney very much stands behind their products but as always when it comes to spending money make sure it is on something that will be useful and versatile
  8. I like the crossword wallet, but not so much as a purse. Some of the new stuff is cute, but I am not quite wowed yet.
  9. My latest Dooney purchase was from the Giraffe line...the only Dooney bag I've bought in a few years. I'm not sure how I feel about the Crossword but I am very glad to see they're coming out with new shapes.....long overdue!
  10. Love the crossword bags with the twisted straps! Great, just bought two bags on eBay this week and now here is another bag I must have.
  11. Bumping this because the Crossword line has really grown on me. I HATE logos, but for some reason I am starting to think the Crossword bags are cute. :love:

    Have they grown on anyone else? Where I live I do see lots of Coach and Dooney logo bags, but have yet to see a Crossword being worn by anyone. How long will the line be around for? If it is close to finishing and no one around here carries one, I might consider it since I won't have to worry about everyone and their grandma having one. :p