Dooney Friends and Family

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  1. Hello...

    does any one know when they will have their special event?
  2. Haven't got an email yet. I've registered with the site and they usually send me special offers via email.
  3. Their is a store across the street from my work. I asked the manager and he said that he is not sure. Maybe sometime in June. But I was wondering if anyone heard anything else.

    Well since I am close, I will keep everyone posted.
  4. ^^Thanks!!
  5. Really?! :nuts: Thanks for the info! I'll be keeping an eye on my inbox! :biggrin:
  6. Looks like now would be a good time to register...
  7. As promised. I just spoke with the manager at the store near me and he confirmed that the friends and family event will be June 22-23.:yahoo:

    But he also stressed that this will be a random mailing and e-mailing. And that you must have the card because they will need to scan the bar code. But we will see :graucho:.

  8. Definitely