Dooney fans...what new collection is this?

  1. What collection is this? I wonder if it's something new from the Sirena collection. I saw it on the Macy's site, but it's not on the Dooney site and I'm tired of waiting. :smile: With all the new shapes they have in the Nubuck collection, I hope the same designs will be in this collection. Anyone have the inside scoop?
  2. That might be the new all-weather leather collection, I heard they were coming out with that very soon. I like that bag!
  3. Nice!!! Weird how Macy's has been getting new styles before Dooney lately isn't it? I bought my Giraffe Small Sac from Macy's (and I live in Ohio, not a major city) before they were even on the Dooney website!
  4. Thanks ladies. I happened to stop by a Macy's and yes, you were right. The new AWL was there! :yahoo:
  5. Dooney hasn't flipped my pancakes for quite some time, but that is a very pretty bag. I love the color, might have to check it out:yes:.
  6. wow, talk about a popular style, the biasia i've been eying looks just like that.
  7. yes that is the all weather leather style but they also have that same shape in the signature ....plaid....and large quilt i have to say it is a very nice shape yes the best thing is to have a dooney catalog b/c they always have majority of everythign in their.. i have noticed the websites for dooney and coach tend to sometimes not have everything...Dooney really has come out with some nice shapes .....
  8. I saw this on the Macy's website as well, so I took part of the description and typed it into a search on the Dooney site and it came up with this bag in different sizes, patterns and fabrics, but the leather one doesn't come up. I really like the shape of it but would prefer it in something smaller, hopefully it comes out in different sizes in the leather.
  9. Was just in Lord and Taylor they have this bag. Its well made nice leather and starting tomorrow there is a coupon for 25% off!