Dooney falling apart-help

  1. I have a cloth Dooney satchel (the one with the gathered cloth ends. I hardly ever use the bag because it just isn't that big but the cloth ends are starting to fray and wearing holes in them at the seams. Is there anything I can do besides throw it away? I have had HORRIBLE luck with Dooney repair and with this, I don't think there is a way to repair the cloth.
    When I received the bag, I sent in the registration card...and three years later, still haven't heard from D&B. Help!
  2. You can register your bag online at Your bag probably has the registration number inside it.
  3. man that's a total bummer i dont 'know WHAT to say :crybaby: i have a quilted barrel that holds up just fine... i'm so sorry to hear that you're not having any luck with the repair end of dooney. i suppose if you dont' want to keep it you could sell it as is on eBay, or you could simpley GIVE it away to some TPFer like me lol... jk!

    i don't know what good this will do, but have you called dooney and talked to them about it or sent them an email?
  4. I had the exact same problem with my signature shoulder sac, all 4 corners on the bottom of the bag have frayed, one really expects more for a $200 bag doesn't one ? I mean I could have spent $30 on a purse at Mervyns and gotten better wear. It happened after about 18 months and like you I did not use it all the time and was not hard on it. They seriously need to reinforce these fabric bags with some leather on the corners like some other brands do. I'll never buy another Dooney fabric bag, never. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me !