Dooney & Dry Cleaners (news story)

  1. On my local news, they had a story about a woman who took her signature Dooney bag to the dry cleaners to be handwashed. Apparently, it was something they did on a regular basis and had done it before. When the woman got it back the bag was discolored, especially the leather.

    When she demanded that they replace the bag or reimburse her the cost, they refused. The woman then called the local news "problem solvers" and got them involved. As a result, the woman was expecting her replacement bag in the mail (on the guy who ruined her old one).

    When I first heard this I thought, "dry cleaning a bag, that's odd". I was also under the impression that taking your stuff to the dry cleaners was at your own risk. But if this guy really screwed up and dry cleaned the bag instead of hand wash it, it was 100% right that the woman got a new one.

    Just a Dooney related story on the news I thought you might be interested in hearing.
  2. I dont now why she would dry clean it.
  3. My future MIL owns a drycleaning business and I know that if she would have made the same mistake it sounds like this guy made by drycleaning instead of handwashing, she'd replace the bag in a heartbeat. It's just not worth the heartache, time, or loss of business!
  4. If the woman reallly liked her Dooney & Bourke bag, she would had taken care of it, so she wouldn't go get her purse dry cleaned.