Dooney Discounts?

  1. I only own Coach at the moment, but have found a few Dooney accessories that I think are cute and practical. What is the best way to get Dooney at a discount? Coach has PCE about every 3 months which is 25% off their boutiques. Does Dooney do anything similar? Other than eBay, are there any sites where you can frequently find discounted items (that are authentic)?

  2. - check the "specials" section and sign up for emails. otherwise, Nordstroms often has D&B stuff for sale
  3. I've also seen dooney on sale at Macy's. There is also a dooney outlet at Woodbury Commons in Central Valley NY. You might try getting their # from 411 to see if they have what you're looking for. I know they sell first quality items. Just a thought.