Dooney croco

  1. I love this croco wristlet. Does anyone having anything from this line? How is the leather? I like the crimson or the dark chocolate color.

    Sorry I was trying to post the pic but I can't get it to work.
  2. I have this bag and it's lush.
    Dooneycroc.jpg Dooneycroc2.jpg
  3. you know, i REALLY don't prefer Croc styles, and i've been considering a green SOMETHING... when i find pix of something that peaks my interest i'll post so you know what caught my eye... from what i felt at the factory store... delish!
  4. it's out of season for the color which is a mega bummer. i LOVE this shade of green, and it REALLY made me see this line differently. i hope i catch one, one day ;)
  5. Vicious, it looks like your bag is from the nile collection. I liked that first collection too. Unfortunately the bags are just too much $.

    Grace, I like your bag it looks very lux.

    I think the only thing I can afford is the wristlet from this line. I love that crimson color but I wonder how the color translates in IRL.
  6. i WISH it was my bag ;) it's just the one i want :p
  7. I don't own anything in this line, but do what the croc travel duffel bag.
  8. Yes, the croc travel bag is gorgeous. :love:
  9. I love the dooney and bourke croco items they are so cute.
  10. I'm really a dooney fan, but IRL, Starr's croco is pretty.
  11. Oooh, I wish they had Crocs in green this year!! You would think it would be standard.
  12. Dooney has always done great Croco bags. I have a satchel (4-5 years old) that was done in a periwinkle blue and it is gorgeous. I would love one in green.
  13. :love: green croco :love:
  14. super cute :smile: