Dooney Catalog!

  1. Anyone else get it yet? Way cute things in it, I finally can see how big the medium mambo is... its freakin huge!!!!!!
  2. Yes, I got it today, The mambo is huge. There is a lot of good lookin stuff, I'm looking at that Jumbo DB large Sac on pg.34....I realy like it., The large Lock Sack on Pg.36 is kinda nice..... I think the color (fuschia) of that Nylon bag on pg.8 just don't like those bags on the very back of the cat.
  3. i got it the other day and the only thing i noticed were those girls' nipples!! i think it was so uncalled for and totally distracted me from the bags. :yucky:


    the bags all look delish but omfg ppls please, enough with the nipple-itis.

  5. i didnt notice that, but will take notice the next time i mozie over to the couch and pick it up for the trillionth time.. ill add more when i do!
  6. I just got mine today! yay!! :yahoo:
  7. I got mine yesterday. Still liking the madras.....
  8. I got mine today... or since it's past midnight, yesterday. I love the new watches! And the zebra print looks awesome.

    I've always thought the models they used were kind of flighty-looking. I find it interesting that they actually featured young (like 11 or 12 year old) girls in the catalog this time.
  9. Best wishes to you. I hope the baby is safe and healthy. I just became an auntie for the first time recently. So I'm ecstatic!
  10. I was sad because I didn't think I got one...little did I know that my mom took it! I loved looking through it!
  11. Mine came friday at work so I got it this morning. Lots of cute stuff.