Dooney Cabriolet

  1. I have a Dooney Cabriolet bucket purse in a dark chocolate color with light tan leather trim. That purse is probably my all time favorite because you can't hurt it. It is also the perfect size and the straps are just the right length. I hate straps that are too short to go comfortably over your shoulder.

    A few months ago I bought a new Coach (I can't remember the name of the style) and I love the look of it, but I keep thinking of my Dooney cabriolet in my closet. It is just a great everyday bag.
  2. I've seen cabriolet purses and liked their style. The leather is great! In my case though, I've got to like the color combo of the leather and the 'spots' for the bag to look really appealing.

    I remember the bucket purses, they are now rare and go for good prices (upwards of $100) on eBay.
  3. I have the black Cabriolet/Black Leather Dome Bag I bought off QVC. it was my first "Designer Bag".
  4. I love love love cabriolet buckets! I missed out on them the first time they were released. I should check out the qvc ones and see how they compare to the older ones.
  5. I was watching QVC one night and saw the cabriolet and while I sat on the couch trying to figure out which color I liked best, they all sold out except yellow...not for me, so later that night I found a brand new one on eBay and I snatched it up.
  6. I have a red domed overnight and a tan medium domed satchel. Great bags. The leather is so nice on them. Why is a bag that is half fabric is so heavy? I am using the shoulder strap from the satchel right now on my Louis Vuitton speedy, the color is perfect!
  7. IS the size of the overnight cabriolet to HUGEMONGOUS for everyday use? The only cabriolets I have been finding are the small carbriolets, I am wondering if there is such thing as a medium cabriolet?
  8. I don't normally like Dooney much, but I saw a lady at the mall carrying the Cabriolet small satchel in solid brown and it was gorgeous! Cabriolet is definitely one of the nicest collections Dooney has to offer. I don't know why you can only find the on QVC...
  9. Do you have a picture?
  10. My tan dome satchel is medium in size, 14" wide by 10" tall. On the shelf it is dwarfing all my other bags. LV petit noe, LV deauville and Kate Spade Tracy bucket all look small next to it. This one was an eBay find, don't know where it was purchased.

    The small satchel on QVC looks to be the size of my old AWL Norfolk bags, they are small compared to this 'medium' cabriolet!

    I packed four days of outfits in the overnight bag, way too large for a purse! And heavy as well.
  11. i've been wanting a cabriolet for years. the huge "bowler"-type in navy (or is it black?) with the natural vachetta trim. so very nice, and no one would even think it's dooney. i hope i can find one!!
  12. I bought the all black cabriolet bag and matching overnight bag from QVC and I LOVE them! The overnight bag was a great carry on for the plane.