Dooney & Burke Deals

  1. If you are looking for Dooney & Burke Bags I would highly recommend QVC! Believe it or not they have come a long way in their merchandise. They even have bags that are exclusively made for them (Plus their prices are below what you would in the store). I've bought a few and they are beautiful :love: and they have impeccable costumer service that will deal with any issue. A great bonus is that they have flex pay so you can buy more bags, of course:yahoo:.

    Happy Shopping.
  2. And definitely check out TJ Maxx & Marshalls in your area. I always see them there..

  3. I agree! TJ Maxx here in Atlanta always has a good selection of Dooney, Coach, as well as other designer named brands. I even saw a cute Marc Jacobs bag in there once.
  4. i went to the D&B outlet this weekend. Sometimes the selection is decent. i Bought a bag retail 245 for $98+tax.
  5. There is a QVC outlet between Fort Myers and Naples Florida, they had a plethera of Dooney bags there today, however, I did not check any of the prices. You could try calling though?