Dooney & Burke Alto Collection

  1. I always disliked D&B until I found their Alto Collection. I think they have a very clean simplistic look about them. no prints or logos or crazy colors! I really like this style, what do you think?
    d&b alto.jpg
  2. I really like them, too. Good value for money and very understated.
  3. I agree...I am not a D&B fan but if I was, I would pick one up. I really like their Nubuc and Suede, too, but I will not be buying any. I made the mistake of buying a gorgeous HOT PINK Sigrid Olsen bag a few years ago in suede-paid full price, so it was a hundred and some dollar mistake. That confirmed my feelings that suede is not for me. It had a stain on it the first time I carried it:sad:
  4. I'm going to buy one of those! Someone I met had one and it looked pretty nice
  5. I like them as well! I like the classic look.
  6. Love that bag!
  7. I like the fact that the bag is nice and i't not overdone like many other styles they have.
  8. I love the simple look of that bag.
  9. What a beautiful bag! I have heard nothing but good things about Dooney & Bourke's leather products.
  10. I love them. The Alto collection is a good choice for someone not looking for the D/B, bees, tattoo stuff.
    I have to say that I just had my first bad experience with DB's quality. I bought my Girlfriend a Vintage Pocket Sac bag. She does not abuse her purses and only after a month of use all the threading around the handles have come loose. You know the little stitch tacking they do right above the strap rings? They are gone now. I felt a little embarrassed when I saw it. 229 bucks on ebay but it was brand new with tags. I'd rather them not put the tacking there is it is going to come out.
  11. I am a fan of the simpler styles, so this appeals to me. Nice to see them do something a bit different. That's a very nice looking bag.
  12. I like it!
  13. I like there croc line as well, I agree the alto line is beautiful.
  14. That is a great looking bag. I would like to see what the leather is like in real life.
  15. I, too, love the simplicity of this bag. Glad there are no bees on it.