Dooney & buourke outlets...

  1. :confused1:Have you been to a Dooney & Bourke Outlet? Are there more choices of bags? Do they have more sales? Thanks for answering my questions.:tup:

    These are my choices of handbags what do you think?
  2. I have never been to a D&B outlet, but I have been to many other outlets, and it depends(in my experience) on the day of the week, the season(holidays, etc.), and the outlet as to whether or not the selection is good or not. For sales, there are sales around the holidays, but regardless the items are discounted, usually, like 20% to 70% off(I think that the numbers.) With the bags you posted, I would imagine them being at the D&B outlet, but you can call your nearest outlet to make sure. You have some nice choices, I really love the large sac the best!
  3. In general, they change their sales month to month. Some times they have rub off coupons at the register (when you pay you get one). Other times they have a certain line on sale (like Alto). They have a clearance section too.
  4. the factory store i have in my area has "defect" stuff. which means you can't register it, but ya know what? i have a bag from the factory store, and there's nothing wrong with it at ALL. it's great.

    they had ALLLLLLLLLLLL kinds of things last time i went (which was quite a while ago, i will let everyone know what was there next time i go as well)

    i definately think you'd find what you were looking for if you hit up an outlet.
  5. Yes, Factory Store stuff is not covered by Dooney's warranty. They cut the tag inside (although they may have started doing something else).

    You have to check over each item for defects. I got a Nile wallet last yr on clearance that had cracks along the inside seams.
  6. I'm pretty sure they would have those bags at the outlet. At least the top 4 bags for sure. I went last 4th of July [I recommend going if you're close] and got a bag for $35!!! :nuts: It said "look over carefully", but I found nothing wrong with it besides it said "irregular" on the bottom of the inside of the bag, which would be covered with stuff anyways, lol. I found it on the clearance table near the front of the store. There are pretty good sales otherwise in the store. [I don't remember certain percentages, sorry]. I recommend calling your outlet for average percentages off and certain lines on sale.
  7. I went to the Dooney outlet in Destin, FL last week and they had all Croco, AWL and Signature Hearts bags an additional 25% the outlet price which basically made the bag 1/2 off the retail price!! This sale goes on through June 30th so if you are near an outlet I would definitely think it would be worth the trip to check it out.
  8. Most of my Dooneys come from the outlet at Wmsburg, VA. They always have a wonderful selection of bags. My most recent purchase was a duffel style weekender. It was first quality, came with all tags and the warranty card too. Even the irregular bags, with the cut tags, have held up wonderfully and you can not tell what is wrong with them, if anything. Any bag that has a serious defect is not going to be sold as a Dooney, even at an outlet.
  9. I just came back on Sunday from the Coach and Dooney (and lots of other) factory stores.

    I bought to Coach bags and one Dooney (for my momma). I was going to buy another Dooney, but my bank said I'd reach my limit with all my shopping :sweatdrop:....and I didn't really NEED it. :graucho: I've got bags I haven't even used.

    I've bought at the Dooney outlet before (this one was a different one). The tags in my stuff have never been cut. The outer tag says "irregular", but I've never found anything wrong with the bags.

    I haven't taken everything out of this new bag...but I couldn't see any mark on the bag other than on the tag.

    It was the Alto large double pocket tote that I bought her. I was "final sale" because it was outlet priced AND an additional 20% off. But, since it's a gift, I had them stamp the tag/receipt so she has 30 days to exchange it..

    Mommy tends to covet my I buy her what I'd buy for myself...but I get it for her instead so that we won't have the same bag.

    I think I'll be saving up for the bag that she really wants and get it for her for the big holidays.:wlae:
  10. I've been to a couple of outlets, but I've never bought anything. Mostly because i don't like the fact that they cut the tags on the inside and they won't stand behind their product sold in the outlet. All of my Dooneys have come from TJ Maxx and the tags inside aren't cut and they have the registration forms in the pockets. Anyways, the outlets won't let you returne anything, all sales are final. Everything is stamped irregular. One of my moms friends went and got a wallet, went home and the credit cards didn't fit in the pockets:crybaby:. So look everything over really well. Personaly, everything I would buy I would make sure that it was cheap enough that if something happened I wouldn't be too mad.
  11. I went to the Dooney outlet years ago in Orlando, FL. Only one close to me here in Georgia I think. The sale then was "everything red" so, everything red was marked down and I got some great buys. But, as said, they will not allow you to register some of the items at the store. Back then however, they did carrry, in limited quantities first run or regular merchandise at the front of the store and the irregulars etc were at the back.
  12. My entire collection of Dooneu bags came from the outlet. SInce I live close to the one in Cabazon, and since they carry current bags I see in the department store. I do not mind having the little cut on the tag. That little cut saves me about 30-40% off retail! If you get on their mailing list, they will also send you coupons for even more savings!
  13. I understand that the little cut saves you a lot of money, but it makes me feel like I'm buying their leftovers (which they are) and that I buy this because i can't afford it instead of wanting to save money when I go in there. It's not the customer sevice because they are always nice in there. I would rather they are run like the Coach outlets. They only put a little bulls eye stamp in the creed. They don't slice it or stamp it "irregular". Coach also lets you send the bag in for repairs and you can return it unless it is sold as "as is". I guess I'm just use to that and final sales make me uncomfortable:shrugs:.
  14. I have been to one and it was sooooo much larger and had wayyy more bags than coach outlets. They had every Dooney bag and more that I had ever seen.