Dooney & Bourke Tent Sale

  1. Did anyone besides me go to this? I know Dooney's kind of fallen out of favor on the Forum, but they had some really good deals and a few samples that won't hit stores til the Spring. They make good presents, too.
  2. I went with my mom, she's a big fan. She bought a pretty big quilted bag and matching wallet for about $250. The line was insane. Did you get anything?
  3. It hasn't fallen out of favor with me!

    Alas, I didn't know about the event. I don't know the time, place, etc. that it took place.
  4. when is the sale?
  5. It was last Thursday to Sunday, which I thought was early for them. I grabbed this really cute (heaven help me) Emma Roberts denim patchwork print bag, a couple of pebble grain bags for my sister and a couple of cashmere sweaters. It wasn't as good as last year's, but then again I went on the first day then and there was no way I was missing Botkier for Dooney. Eek. I'm a snob.
  6. I used to go every year--but this summer we moved to North Carolina, so i couldn't go. it's usually in early December. what did they have? i want to hear stories about it, since i didn't get to go! last year they had amazing deals on the last day. i bought so much.
  7. Yeah I too have good experience with these and even I used visit here frequently...

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  8. Where was this??
  9. It's every December at the company's headquarters in Norwalk, CT.
  10. how does one find out about it?
  11. Go to the Dooney website and sign up for the mailing list. Also, keep checking the Deals & Steals thread.
  12. thanks! done :smile: