Dooney & Bourke Sub fourm??

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  1. Just a sugesstion. Im not sure how many people on here like them. But I know I do:yes:
  2. Could there be a subforum for this line? I'm starting to like it, and I know there are more people who are interested in this line.
  3. I like Dooney too!
  4. Let me ask Vlad... this could be an option if there are enough D&B threads started already :yes:
  5. Would love to have one!
  6. I'd really be interested in a Dooney sub-forum. :yes: Pretty please!

    ~Christmas Wishlist - A Dooney sub-forum~
  7. I'd be interested matter how many LV's or Bbags I get, I am always gonna love certain Dooney bags
  8. I think it's an awesome idea! And even if it seems there aren't many D&B threads at the moment, that could be because people might not want to post as much about them because they aren't looked on as highly as some other brands and some people look down on D&B. If they had their own sub-forum it might encourage more posting and people would feel more comfortable posting.

    Just a thought.
  9. I will ask tomorrow- the honey do list is getting long, hence the wait time! :yes:
  10. Would love a Dooney sub-forum...:yahoo: IMHO... I have read some posts on this forum that kind of look down on them. Yes, they are cheaper than LV. Yes, the material is not as nice as LV but... back to the very first fact I just mentioned... they are cheaper than LV.:P Not everyone can afford or even wants to spend that much for one single purse. Yes, I do agree that some Dooney-s look too "woohoo" for the more mature ladies, the purses that is, the wallets are for your eyes only most of the time anyways. But if you truly research... those types were designed for teens and young adults. Like for instance the Bee line. The Doodle or Splash lines probably were too. But then again... you are as young as you are in your heart, so just go for it! Why not? :graucho: The brand/ bag is not the one that is wrong. Choose according to your age, personal style and lifestyle then you can't go wrong. Is Dooney trying to copy LV? I don't really think so. Then we could say that XOXO (or whatever that brand's name is) is trying to copy Dooney. Maybe they are maybe they aren't, so what... :supacool: I love Dooney-s. The big duck line and the IT line mostly. Those can nicely compliment when wearing jeans for instance. The newest heart/ duck/ star line purse I use when wearing jeans or pants/ skirts suits. For those of you that don't know that line yet (it is not commercially available yet, may never be) it looks like the Anniversary Signature line only the "DB"-s are changed by ducks, hearts and stars. I love that the best! :rolleyes: (yes, I am old and not a teenager or young adult anymore). The type and model of the bag itself makes a difference again, depending on our own body sizes... Otherwise use the funny looking ones as wallets then use a more "mature" purse. But mix and match the colors and the patterns to compliment each other. It is not the purse or the wallet that is what makes you you... it is you that makes a 100 dollar purse look like a 500 dollar purse or like a 50 dollar purse. I know because I probably make mine look like a 50 dollar one, :nuts:. Just my two cents...:wlae: What do you think gals and guys?
  11. I was beginning to think the same as well, which is why I started that thread "Who has a Dooney and Bourke?" I think these are really great bags; I get more compliments from my tassel tote than I do my LVs!
  12. Hi new just this hour :smile:
    I would like a Dooney place also!
  13. I am new to the purse forum as well. I would have to have a Dooney sub forum. TIA
  14. I'd be interested in one as well. :smile:
  15. Just found this thread! I love Dooney and would love a sub-forum too please!
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