Dooney & Bourke Question About Alto Line.

  1. Does anyone know what exactly is the material of the Alto line? It looks like wood. I saw some small satchels in the outlets this weekend in red and tan, I think theyre cute, but I didnt get to go up and examine them close up.

    Medium Top Handle Lock Bag

    Small Top Handle Lock Bag
  2. I copied and pasted this from
    About Alto:
    For the woman who knows what's essential, Alto bags showcase Italian craftsmanship in minimal, classic designs. The leather for each bag is hand selected for its natural color and markings. Natural dyes saturate the leather with color before the bag is cut, stitched by hand, and finally hand rubbed to a rich, matte finish. From the timeless curve of the horseshoe bag, to the classic proportions of the Ring Flap, Alto bags epitomize a purity and elegance that will never go out of style.
    Hope it helps. :biggrin::yes:
  3. Thanks Lila!! :heart:
  4. My mom has one of this leather and it scratches easily!! She loves it tho, and, a year later is STILL smells like brand new leather! You can see the scratches, and, it wasn't in pristine condition when she got it, but, it was the last one left and she wanted it so bad! Plus, the lady got her when she said they only sold it at the stores and in Italy haha! She bought it on the spot :smile: They're really nice bags, I like them a lot, its just the scratching that bothers me!
  5. Thanks for the heads up digby! Hm. I guess I will brave it if I end up getting one because I love the smell of new leather and if the smell lasts a good minute on this bag then its right up my alley LOL
  6. They are actually made of Vachetta leather and dyed with vegetable dyes
  7. Db has also re-issued this line. they are now treated for the elements. so opt for a new version if not outlet is fine