Dooney & Bourke Hayden Panettiere Bag

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  1. Okay, I need some help deciding on whether or not to get this bag. I was in the D&B Outlet store yesterday and I was really close to buying the Large Hayden Panettiere bag but thought I'd ask for some help first.

    For anyone that has this bag, do you find it easy or hard to get in and out of? The top flap/buckle seems like it would get in the way more often than not. However, I think the bag is to die for, and I'm almost willing to put up with the pain of the flap getting in the way to have the bag!

    Just wondering what ladies that might have this bag thought. Thank you.
  2. I love this bag!!! I really want it in the smaller size, but I also thought it might be a pain to get in and out of because the width of the opening is smaller than the bottom. Did you see the smaller version at the outlet too?
  3. Yes, I ruled out the smaller bag immediately! My Balenciaga Money wallet is wider than the opening of the small one. Plus, I'm really into big bags these days.