Dooney & Bourke Florentine Small Satchel vs. Kate Spade Little Minka Cobble Hill

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  1. If you could pick one of these...please tell me which one and why.
    Thanks!!! :smile:
  2. The Kate Spade because of the weight difference. The D&B is heavy.
  3. The Dooney. So practical and good quality. I don't have one myself because they are not available in my country but one of my American friends has got one and though she finds it a little heavy, she always carries it with love....
  4. Dooney- they are heavy, but the quality of the leather is nothing compared to the Kate Spade. The leather is so thick and smells lovely. I have 2 small satchels, 1 mini satchel, and I'm thinking about adding a fourth.
  5. Plus, Dooney & Bourke has a trade in program.
  6. the DB. the leather is much nicer.