Dooney & Bourke = ew?

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  1. I don't consider Dooney & Bourke designer bags but I have friends who do. I feel that all Dooney & Bourke bags are simply ugly except for few of the larger signature bags. Dooney stuff is overall, so revolting =x

    Does anyone else feel this way?:worried:
  2. Not all but a good number are. I really want to get their big Marchesa tote. The leather is so nice and soft.
  3. I think they have changed tremendously over the years but I'm not their biggest fan. As I think Coach has improved oh so much. One bag I do not like at all by DB is that damn heart bag. GREAT for a 12-15 year old but my god...the amount of women in S. Florida that have that bag. URGHhhhhhhhhh . That is just my opinion...(I hope not to offend anyone that has one...:oh:
  4. I hate the it bags. And the hearts and stars too...ewww
  5. Oh that reminds me. They had a truly heinous bag on their site that definately needs to be in the weird bag thread. Hope it's still there.
  6. I had several of their "it" bags. I really don't like them so much anymore so I sold all but one. I never liked their "hearts, stars, or charm" bags. They are cute but I do think they're aimed for teens. Their original "all weather leather" with the duck logo, is classic. I recently bought a beautiful D&B all weather bag drawstring bag on ebay. Some of their newer leather bags are pretty nice, imo. But out with the "it" bags! lol
  7. I wish they can have their old duck logo back!!!
  8. My mom has an all-white leather D&B bag, which looks really good. But the rest of their collection looks weird to me, especially with the rainbow monograms.
  9. I like the Marchesa line too. D&B has some very cute bags IMHO. I don't think you can trash the whole line because of the logo stuff.
  10. I know this is awful to say too, but I find their bags absolutely dull. I used to like their old stuff, so I don't know if it is that I have changed that much, or they have...

    The stars and hearts have got to go. Great for 10-13 year olds, but how many of them need expensive silly bags either?
  11. Can't say that I'm a fan of D&B. Their bags just don't do much for me like other bags do.
  12. I like the old and new All-Weather Leather collections. I had a bag from the Nile Collection, and I just sold it on eBay. My mom gave me an IT bag for my birthday two years ago. I don't carry it anymore, but I'll always keep it because she gave it to me. :love: Mom :love:
  13. I also love my cabriolet bucket bag. Of course, another nice line they discontinued :sad2:
  14. I agree that they have been rather unattractive the last several years. I have three bags that I purchased just over 10 years ago, all all-weather leather, and they all still look brand new. I have a regular handbag, a drawstring backpack and a wallet on a string with a big 'ol duck on it. They ought to bring the duck back.

  15. They have a few that are ok...but I don't own any. I do think they're cute on younger girls. Like I just recently bought one for my 14 year old cousin and to me that is the perfect age for them, its young-looking and colorful. I do have one friend where that's all she ever carries and probably owns over a dozen. To each their own, right?
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