Dooney & Bourke Barbie

  1. Does anybody have this Dooney & Bourke Barbie? I received one for Christmas from my Mom and sister. She's still in the box and I have her next to my computer:smile: so I can look at her all the time.

  2. I think Crystal (Syntagma) bought one?

    That Barbie looks cute!
  3. Adorable!
  4. how cute! Love her little handbag and shopping bag!
  5. That's so cute! I'd love to get one.
  6. I have one but I'm thinking of returning it. I bought it thinking that I was going to start collecting Barbies but haven't paid attention to it since.
  7. wow how cute. I need to get one for my friend.
  8. She is super cute! Thanks for the pic -- hadn't seen her before.
  9. i want one but my roommate refuses. he says he has no respect for barbie because she's anorexic lol..... haha i just want it for the purse!
  10. she is very cute! Much cuter than the MAC barbie.
  11. A new one for 2007 is coming out soon! Check often if interested.
  12. Yes, the one pictured on the site is now sold out.
  13. I actually bought this Barbie from the website but then returned it after it arrived. I don't collect Barbies but I do collect Dooney and Bourke's so I thought it would be nice to have the Dooney Barbie to go with my collection.

    But I was so disappointed in the workmanship of the bag that I returned it. IMHO The Dooney handbag on the barbie looked like a cheap after thought on the doll instead of the focus. The handbag pieces were all ratty looking and glued together. THe zipper on the top of the handbag was just a piece of glued down material. The rest of the doll looked pretty but since I dont' collect Barbies and wasn't happy with the Dooney that Barbie was carrying...I sent it back. Barbie looked too pretty to be carrying this ratty looking Dooney bag. :sad:

    It looked much prettier on the website page than it did in person. Here are some photos I took before sending it back.

  14. boo ty for sharing! i'd probably not have opened it and never realized what crappy craftsmanship. ty again!
  15. told you barbie was a cheap skank. :shrugs: