Dooney & Bourke Authentication help!

  1. I posted this previous in the eBay forum....which was the wrong place.

    Hopefully someone here can help me:s

    I normally buy Coach on eBay, and have never had a problem. Well, I saw a D&B that I loved and bid on it and won. For very very very little!! It is new WITH tags. But I didnt ask her where the tag was from:push:

    Well, STUPID me:push: didnt do my research before bidding. And now I *think* this may not be a real D&B. But I dont know for sure. So I need your help

    These are the pictures the seller posted:


    And this is the picture from the D&B site:

    They dont look identical to me.

    Anyways, I want to know for sure, before I tell her she sold me a fake.:s

  2. If the link is for the bag she says she sold you, they sure don't look the same.

    Dooney people, where are you??? what do you think?
  3. well, the bag in the link certainly doesn't match the one you won.

    and, second, i always worry when people can't figure out the micro setting on their camera. makes me think they're hiding something.

    i'm honestly not sure...
  4. It certainly looks nothing like the original bag. Where's the beautiful large D&B hang tag that comes with this bag? This bag (nor any Dooney I know of) comes with that large yarn-looking stitching. Since the pictures are so fuzzy and show so little detail I'd lean towards fake.
  5. What does the inside look like? Tags? Serial numbers?
  6. That's not even close to being the same bag. I am also leaning towards fake. Sorry.
  7. The stitching looks all wrong from the picture of the original. I only have one D&B bag, but I just don't think this looks like an authentic one.

    I contacted eBay and told them I think I bought a fake and provided all the information I provided here. They pulled the auction and told me I was not obligated to pay. They also contacted her when they pulled it.

    I told her I wanted my money back and I got it!


    I really appreciate all the help you gave!!