Dooney & Bourke Auth Check

  1. I know that technically this forum is for LV, but I didn't see a Dooney & Bourke under the designers nor did I see a "Other" category. I'm new to this forum, but have been a member of honest forum for many years and they referred me over here. Are these authentic or not?
    eBay Store – Johna Home Store: Search results for dooney.
  2. umm why would u bring this to lv go to like a diff thread like regular handbags or something
  3. Dooney does make that bag but I am not sure if that particular one is Authentic.
  4. FashionMIKE, that person is new. They obviously don't know where to go. gam29, if you need something for d&b authenticated, you can post it in Handbags & Purses. Welcome to the PF! If you need anything let me know.
  5. Yep, questions like this belong in the general Handbag & Purses forum. :yes:
  6. Hmm...sorry, I wouldn't know. I only have one dooney and I don't really know much about any of the other lines. There aren't a lot of people who know D&B too well on this board either...have you tried other forums (such as ebay, knowknockoffs, etc.?)?

  7. isn't this thread handbags and purses?
  8. It was formerly in the LV board.
  9. Sorry I can't help with this, but welcome to tPF.

    I'm sure they're some nice people on this forum that will be able to help you.
  10. Can you get more pictures? It looks like the real thing. I have several dooney and bourkes so If I could see the inside and the registration and the stickered serial number that would be great. Dooney used to make that type of purse but it is no longer on their website. I don't remember seeing it in ivory but I do remember seeing it in those pink, black, and green colors. If you can get pictures of the inside and the registration info I could possibly help you. From the outsided it looks fine. The seller has no negative feedback so I think you might be fine.
  11. I'm not positive, but they look ok to me, but wait for more opinions. Welcome!!!!!!
  12. Gam29, I remember seeing those on the website and then in the stores, but I didn't check them out closely. I wish I could help, but I agree that the colors and design look right. Did you check to see if they are still selling them in an Amazon shop so you can compare?
  13. thanks for all the help. it does seem to me that those are real. i haven't seen fakes of those bags anywhere and i've been doing some research on my own too.