Dooney and Bourke

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  1. :heart:I was wondering if anyone has ever seen this Dooney and Bourke bag before? Does anyone own this(authentic)one?:heart:
  2. nvr seen it seen a similar one
  3. I've seen similar ones as well-that one looks like they took every design & made it into one....
  4. That looks fake.
  5. It looks like there's too much stuff on it to be a real Dooney -- the handle chain, multicolor, that odd leather hanging charm. The best thing would be to ask Dooney if they ever made such a thing since you have a photo to send.
  6. oh iv seen those dooney bags before, they were out a few years ago, i almost bought one too, they dont make them anymore ...maybe try e bay or something?
  7. I used to be obsessed with dooney and bourke....that one def looks real.:tup: That style came out a few years ago....
  8. I'm a huge D & B fan...but haven't seen this one... sorry.