Dooney and Bourke Patent Medium Chiara Bag in Turquoise

  1. So, I was flipping through the pages of the March InStyle magazine last night and came upon an ad for the Dooney & Bourke Medium Chiara Bag in Turquoise. I'm not typically a Dooney fan but the color is exquisite and they've really upped their style game in the past couple of years. I went to their website to buy the bag and it's not available. I can't tell whether it's sold out or if it's not in stores yet.

    Does anyone know where I can find this jewel online? Thanks! Here's a link:
  2. I was looking at the D&B site earlier today, and I was wondering, too, why this bag was unavailable. They don't have it in ANY color. I can't remember having looked at it before, so I'm not positive it was ever offered, but it seems like one of those that they will be getting in stock because they're still calling it a "new" bag. The turquoise is my favorite, by the way!
  3. I saw the Chiara for the first time last week at Lord & Taylor, so maybe it is just not in stock yet.
  4. I hope that's the case. The turquoise color is so hot and on trend for Spring and Summer. I'm going to check out my local Lord & Taylor. Maybe I can pre-order if it's not currently in stock.
  5. Wow love that bag! Might have me going back for a second try at dooney.
  6. Before you run off to L&T, kpdelight, let me clarify that I did not see it in turquoise, but the new bright suedes (the green caught my eye). I think maybe you need to email or call Dooney to see if it is coming in turquoise if you just saw it in a magazine.
  7. You should call Dooney's customer service. Very often they have bags in stock that don't appear on their web site. And they can also tell you when a particular bag/color will be in stock and allow you to early-order it. They're very helpful in that regard. :tup:
  8. I am a big fan of Dooney & Bourke, and if you like the Chiara bag, you should check out there new Hayden bag. Also: sometimes the dooney website puts new bags on their website before they actually start selling them -- i guess they like to tease us lol!
  9. That's a really cute bag... please post pics if you can find it!
  10. that is adorable!!
  11. A lot of time the website is slow.. the stores are slow as well. I almost got the hayden bag at the beginning of the year I op'ed for a speedy instead.
  12. I don't know where you could find it - just want to say that's a beautiful bag! :yes:
  13. love the bag! its to so nice!
  14. That is a really nice bag!!
    Did anyone find it online yet?