Dooney and Bourke IT bag and accesories... are they durable?

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  1. I have just fallen in love with Dooney... strange yes... but the designs are so cute! ESPECIALLY the white IT line...

    However... does anyone know how durable that line is? And have any care advice?

    Also, does anyone have the large Regatta tote?

    Any information is appreciated!
  2. anyone....? lol *crickets chirping*
  3. I have the brown. I also like the purple. I've heard of problems with the white so I'd avoid that. It is extremely durable. Plus you won't feel as bad using it as the LV since it's a lot cheaper and honestly, I think the canvas is so much thicker and durable then my LV speedy I have. It has a really thick coating and it's not as bumpy like the LV so it's easier to wipe stuff right off.
  4. Oh no! I bought some of the white accessories!!!!!! lol... those were my favorite!!!
  5. The white tends to yellow over time. But, I agree with you, the white is really cute!
  6. I had the white medium IT wristlet for about three years and there was no yellowing or anything to it! I loved it but as time went on it became too small to hold all of my things. Its one of the most durable things I have owned to date. Their bags and accessories are affordable so you won't feel bad knocking them around. Let us know which one you get!
  7. Maybe you could spray it with waterproofing like kiwi? White tends to discolor but I think any brand that has white coating tends do. I always hear problems of that problem regardless of the brand. It is cute though but that dissuaded me.
  8. I have some it bags that I got a long time ago and they are very durable!!! I have two white it bags and they havent turned yellow at all!
  9. ye si have heard abotu the white but take a look at teh cross word line from dooney they cone in sevrqal colors and shapes and the crossword canvas is by far the most durable of all dooney canavs and feels very nice. i bought a hands bucket and it is has kept up well but that crossword canvas is very sturdy and nic to touch .
  10. I don't have any IT bags, yet. I have seen them with really bad sun fading and bubbling from I don't know what. I want a purple or brown one, domed satchel probably and it is really good to read that they wear well if not abused.
  11. I have one white Dooney that held up very well, but just recieved a cream color one that I had horrible trouble with, they do not stand behind thier merchandise, I will never buy from them again
  12. I just bought the pink IT barrel for $50 from a friend :smile:
  13. I have a couple of the white 'IT' bags - I think they are SO cute!!! One is the barrel satchel I got for my daughter for Christmas - I want to borrow it but am afraid people will think it is too juvenile. I am almost 40!! Maybe for the summer with a light outfit it will be ok. There are not any more styles in the IT that I like right now. It would be really cute as a domed satchel or doctor bag.
  14. I don't have the regular IT bags but I do have two IT tapestry bags (one in black, one in white) and they are very durable and well made. The vachetta trim stays clean if you use baby wipes on it and the coated canvas of the bag itself is very sturdy and holds up well--I think the IT and IT tapestry are both the coated canvas, but I'm not positive. My white one has not yellowed at all. I've had both of mine for over a year now, and although I've only carried each one two or three times, I keep them in their dust bags and take care of them so that if I want to sell them or carry them again at some point in time they'll be okay.
  15. I have seen women carrying white IT bags that were obviously very well loved and have started to yellow. I don't know if there is any way to prevent that. It's shame, because the white is cute.
    I agree with the poster who mentioned the crossword line. I think the French Blue crossword bags and accessories are so cute.