Dooney and Bourke is becoming good again!

  1. I absolutely love their newer bags, i got my first D & B in high school and have been a true fan since!

  2. S PF-er asked me for a pic of the magenta small Amazon shopper, and i do not know how to attach the pic in the private message (sorry...), so I am going to post it here:

    Pic from my blog (more pics there of the bag too)
  3. I'm very interested in finding Dooney Amato bags and then, Alto. We have an extremely small selection here as it is - just a handful. I think I'd have to order directly from Dooney but I really prefer to see & touch a bag first before buying sight un-seen. (I have a small collection from Florentine family now).
  4. I am a Dooney lover myself! I used to buy the logo ones, but have grown out of those. I do, however LOVE my leather and suede D&B's. The Amazon collection is amazing! I want to get one of the cross body bags in that style, but will wait until I can find it on sale for a good price at the outlet. :smile:

    Here are my favorites in my collection.

    Unfortunately, my photo does not do D&B any justice! I have to work on my lighting and photography skills. :lol:
  5. just got the new Ostrich satchel lovely bag I enjoy it more then Coach which you see all over the place and I have a D & B summer bag and use them as much as my MJ & MBMJ bags
  6. When i went to get my amazon shopper, there were a whole lot of bags form the amazon line at the San Marcos , TX outlet. in a lot of diff colors too. this was a week and a half ago..

    They also had several from the Alto line
  7. Love your collection! You have some great bags. I was wondering what size the orange ostrich bag was, is it a small or medium? Thanks.
  8. Thanks for mentioning outlets. I guess I should find one in WA? In the meantime, there are no new bags from the Florentine collection. The Bay downtown got a bunch of quilted bags.
  9. I've never had a complaint re quality with the D&B's--just that they weight a ton. I do like to use them on business trips though--I can get my makeup in there and a water bottle plus all my usual purse stuff crammed in there too. I really like the fake alligator/croc treatments they are doing with the leather--they give a more upscale appearance to the bags but I'm not a fan of the D&B logo ones at all.
  10. Thanks so much! It is the small size - very roomy and can still fit quite a bit though. I will try to post some mod photos hopefully this evening so you can see.
  11. I was browsing the D&B website and came across this video of bags being made in the D&B Connecticut factory. I thought it was a cute and nice video.
  12. It is always a good one for me, I really love Dooney's bags or something else. Kind of my feature...
  13. My mother (a high-end Manhattan fashionista/polar opposite of me) was in town last weekend and say my D&B Small Satchel in Natural and was ooing and awing all over it. When I told her it was by D&B she was SO surprised.

    I never really knew about D7B until recently, but I def get the impression that they weren't always known for the best of quality/design because of people's reactions when i tell them my satchel is by them.
  14. Hey, thanks for the video! I'd be THRILLED if one of my D&B florentine bags was made in the USA but they are all made in China...sigh...does this mean if I went shopping on the East coast, I could pick up a bag from the florentine collection that's made in the USA??? Amato collection would make me happy, too!!!!!