Dooney and Bourke Florentine Vachetta Satchel

  1. Yes beautiful color. Did you happen to see the Olive as well? I just couldn't decide what I should do. I love all shades of green. I wish I had a store near me that carried any Florentine in olive and moss.
  2. I use my neutral satchel all year. It is lovely. It really does age well. It goes with absolutely everything and is especially striking when I use it when I wear an all black suit to work. I love the contrast. But this bag in any color is amazing! I bought a Lv speedy 35 (for my hubby to give me as an anniversary present) about 2 mos after my satchel purchase. Been about a year and finally took the speedy in to have initials embossed on handle. The clerk was amazed that it looked like it hadnt been used despite the purchase date. I have waited 20 years for the speedy but honestly I like the DB satchel so much better. Go figure.
  3. I've never seen the olive!

  4. So gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
  5. Waiting again to get mine in neutral. The one I returned they sold after the SA had left oh well.
  6. thanks. Unless I fall head over heels for the olive I just might have to order the moss to compare. Any rate, sure love these bags����������
  7. Thanks!
  8. Soooooo my florentine satchel is here Again in natural. Keeping her thus time 😃
  9. Anyone pre sake from Nirdies. If so what did u get in the nubuck
  10. Congrats on the satchel!!!�� wonderful bag. I was unimpressed with the nubuk. SA says it transfers. I received my domed buckle satchel in olive last night. Pretty color but going back as bag has deep gouge in front. Think I will now order moss.
  11. Lol can't type on my iPhone in the am. Yes was going to get chestnut as it is a georgeous color but the natural is a win win color. I figured the nubuck would transfer. I had one years ago and if did
  12. You will be very happy with your bag. My purse saga continues. No more moss at Dooney for the domed satchel. Discontinued. Dillard's in Salt Lake has it 30 per cent off. But getting my bag from Dooney as have a huge credit for defective bag bought years ago. But looked a long time at the olive in the sun. It is a gorgeous color and so neutral. I will just replace the damaged olive for a new one. ....... But they do have the large satchel in moss. Such a dilemma.
  13. Ahhh the things we stress over lol
  14. Sooooo it's here again and for some reason the color is richer and I'm in love


    Glad I re re purchased lol
  15. Hello everyone! I purchased the regular sized satchel in Chestnut yesterday and I was just curious about the ones of you who have this bag a while do you still use it and is it nicely broken in now? The leather is so thick and it's a little stiff... I am looking forward to that broken in look and feel! Just would love your thoughts on this bag as you have had it a while now. :flowers:

    I bought it at a local department store and they had several out on display that were a bit scuffed up from handling but I asked the SA if she would kindly check the stock area and see if they had any that had not been displayed and she brought me out a brand spanking new one still in the plastic bag with all the stuffing, paperwork, hardware wrapped...even a bit of dooney tissue paper in it! I'd like to be the one giving it all the "character" through using it myself since I paid the full price for it! lol!

    Thanks in advance for your responses!