Dooney and Bourke Florentine Vachetta Satchel

  1. lol this is the cutest thing ever!
  2. Ok, so I stopped by Dooney today to do some investigation for you Ladies who are torn between the mini and small size. I couldn't take a pic for you, but basically the small has at least twice the capacity as the mini, if not more. So, in an earlier post I had said you could fit 2 water bottles in the mini, well, you can fit at least 4 in the small. Hope that helps!
  3. Awww! :love: Give him the purse! He needs a plaything!
  4. :tup:
    :woohoo: D&B should add this review to their website and pay you! This is the #1 criteria when I buy a bag! It sounds crazy, but I love leather bags and don't like to worry when I am in a rush to get to work, whether or not my bag will survive a downpour. All my bags are leather and are indestructable in rain (with the exception of my new BV) or I will NOT buy them!

    I would love this bag in a dark (aubergine) color. I am so tempted to buy one. It would be my first satchel I've worn in a long time! I own only hobos for comfort but I just love the quality and style of this bag but, most especially, the fact that it survives in rain!
  5. Thanks, just got the natural w/ a little discount! :biggrin:

    I'm not sure that is the large though...348 is the original price for the small size on . The large on there is 378. So I think I got the small size, which works better for me anyway. I will find out for sure soon!

  6. Aww - thanks! I can't remember if I ever updated that I went ahead and got the black florentine satchel too (regular size). I love both the natural and black completely - they are amazing bags. The value even at full price is amazing compared to what else you can buy with this quality leather and workmanship.
  7. I have 2 miu miu bow bags (pallisandro and nero) and 2 of these D and B satchels. I love ALL of them but the D and B are true workhorses - they are super resilient. I have put them on the car floor mats, taken one on holiday, schlepped them to work... the miu miu's are a bit more refined and dressy so good for special occasions but I'm def using the D and B a lot more. Plus - wow - the price diff is HUGE! D and B is the better value for sure.
  8. I really think that before every bag leaves the factory it should be treated for water stains. I have been on here for most of the day reading threads in the premier forums and the fear that the majority have, is not to get their bag caught in the rain! Seriously?! Bags are made to perform and hold our essentials.
  9. Dillards had the mini in natural yesterday. It was way way too small for me. I have both colors in the regular and went to try and see a small.
  10. Here is the small next to the larger satchel. I would say the small is the perfect size. I would've bought it but I already have the satchel in the larger size in both Natural and Black. The SA even offered me 10% if I used my Macy's card but I do not want to use credit.

  11. I hear you guys. I live in a rainy part of the country. It rains--or snows just about every day. I would love a Mulberry in oak-darwin leather, but heck I'm not going to be stuffing my bag in a plastic garbage bag at the first sign of raindrops everyday! And it is unrealistic to be changing purses every day based on the weather forecast.

    One question I have about the Florentine sachels though... I spotted some at Macy's the other day. They were the light natural color. They looked dreadful. The leather on the bags was all scuffed, dinged and scratched up. I mean it looked really bad. Wish I could post a pic because these bags looked like they'd been rolled over by jeeps and only barely lived to tell about it. I worried that if I bought a bag this was how it would look after a few weeks of daily use. How has the leather on your bags held up over the long term?

    Otherwise I think these bags are gorgeous. They're just the right size and style, and I am mighty tempted.
  12. Thank you kindly for posting this information!! I think the small would be perfect for me because of this information!! Hugs to you!:hugs:
  13. Thanks for the pic! I have decided on the small now!
  14. Your description about the trashed Florentines at Macy's is funny...just the jeep part. I have a Florentine hobo and mine is not at all trashed. I treat all my bags with care and they all do not look trashed.

    These sample bags go through heck and back with all the dirty hands and multiple try on's etc. I am not at all surprised that the more delicate leathers and fabrics end up looking awful.
  15. Thank you Thank you Thank you!! If I take the plunge, I'm definitely going for the small.