Dooney Alto 60% off at Outlets

  1. Hi. For those of you who LOVE the alto line as much as I do, now is the time to RUN to the outlets.

    Their prices for ??? time are 60% of the retail price. I got a Natural Dome Zip Zip, a Natural Medium Double Pocket and a Brown Large Double Pocket.

    Fantastic for me! I have been waiting for this sale forever. I love the smooth alto line.

    I was at Reading today.
  2. Thanks! Clinton Crossing Outlets, here I come!!
  3. ^^Thanks for the info- I may be going to the Destin Outlets this weekend
  4. OMG I wish I lived near an outlet!!! I love this leather so much!!!:nuts:
  5. Is all the Alto line made in Italy?
  6. Yes. Also the double pockets did not have the flannel dust bags in them. The mgr said none of the double pockets came with them. I am going to call Dooney to see if I can order them. I know I can order the yucky dust bags.
  7. I think least that's what D&B told me when I e-mailed them about it. :yes: I need a bigger bag from this line. My little tote is great for going out but I wish I had a bigger bag too! :sweatdrop:
  8. Does anyone know if there is an outlet in Northern California? I love the Alto line.
  9. I added the location card in the outlet thread. In CA they are in Desert Hills & Carlsbad.

  10. oh no lol... i need to not read threads like this when i'm broke!
  11. Dooney said "no" on flannel dust bags. Well, obviously they are still selling alto so they must have them somewhere!
  12. flannel dust bag? picture?
  13. Noshoepolish, I've seen and heard this line is very suseptible to scratching. What's your thoughts on this? Do you do something that prevents the scratches or do they become less obvious with age?
  14. It is susceptible to scratching. You use the flannel dustbag to buff the scratches out. That's why I want the dust bags.

    Alto is a beautiful leather! I am trying to figure out what color to get the doctor satchel in!