Doone & Bourke Fan

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  1. Is anyone here a Dooney & Bourke:yes: fan ? Just curious.
  2. I am, I love Dooney and Bourke!
  3. Me too! I trying to collect all of the "it" line. I am starting to like coach a little more, too. I bought a coach key chain last week and my girlfriend gave me older red leather purse still in good condition!
  4. yes, but I tend to like some of the older classic designs..
  5. I like dooney. It's a good bag to toss around, especially in the bad new england weather..

    I have a barrel bag and recently bought a mini sac- must post pics!
  6. I am!! Just got their new catalog...I drooled quite a bit!!


  7. Oooh, I want to see your new bag!!!

    Also, I really like D&B. I used to not like it, until I actually got one...and I have another, too!:heart:

    I also have a thread where I asked if people have a dooney. You should post, too! :yes:
  8. Count me in! I like Dooney & Burke, Coach, Kooba, and Tokidoki for LeSportsac (I know, quite a diverse range of bags).
  9. I have a Cabriolet Perforated Bucket bag limited edition.