doomed to buying a pre-loved rectangular mini?

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  1. Hi all,
    I've been wanting a rectangular mini in a blue shade. However, I heard that getting one in the store is really hard because they get sold out really fast (let alone one in a particular color ). And I don't have a SA since Im not buying chanel that frequently. I've seen some minis on the pre-loved market that I would consider buying, but I hate how some of them are close to/ more expensive then the ones in store. So my question is should I just buy one on the pre-loved market since my chances of getting a chanel in store is not likely ??
  2. They have that pretty royal blue cruise mini in rectangular at the Encore in Vegas LOL I just saw it last night :smile:
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  3. I would wait and buy it brand new from the boutique if the preloved price is too close or more expensive, just because it doesn’t make sense to me.
  4. Truth is I detest buying things from the preloved market argh. But last year I ventured in that direction as it’s really difficult getting them. Esp in particular combos (i’m v specific). Do u hav a partiular blue in mind?

    Anw from those experiences, n with Chanel only releasing mini 3 times a year... It’s a gamble. I do get lucky in stores, but like the combo of caviar baby blue with shw... i’m Still waiting :sad:. N it has been years haha. Finding that combo in the preloved Mkt has also proven fruitless :sad:.

    Price wise, I have no regrets getting them brand new at higher than retail last year. My calculation was simple. Impossible to find in stores, i’m picky, n prices are bound to go up. Fast forward 6 mths later, those minis I bought, are all cheaper than current retail :smile:. (It’s all a gamble again)

    Idk when Chanel is gonna release caviar minis, since cruise were all lamb. But If u hav no problem with leather, any blues and any hw... u’ll Find it in store if you try :smile:. Currently there are the Tiffany blue n Navy in stores!

    But i’d Practice extra caution when buying pre loved. There are a lot of ppl who have been scammed :sad:.

    Good luck in your hunt, it gets addictive :P
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  5. Last year I bought a mini from Fashionphile in black caviar SHW that was in new condition. Although I paid over retail, there was a price increase shortly after which made it close to what I paid a few months before. By the time I would have gotten my mini, it probably would have been the same and I had it to enjoy in the time I would have waited.
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  6. Maybe you dont have to buy it "preloved" but instead source for resellers who sell brand new ones! In my case i managed to get a brand new one from a reseller (albeit the price was a little hiked up to compensate the increase in retail prices) and for e.g. here in Singapore we have a popular selling platform called Carousell where it's quite easy to find such resellers! So sometimes you may get lucky like me and chance upon brand new ones at retail prices through resellers like these ^^!

    I would also suggest you check out physical consignment stores where I personally feel you stand a higher chance of chancing upon brand new full sets! :smile:

    Good luck for your search dear!
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  7. This is the preferred option, but rec minis get sold out quickly. So my chances of getting one is slim to nothing. Since I want a particular color and I don’t have a SA at Chanel.
  8. A cerulean blue with SHW in caviar, but calfskin is ok too.
    And you do bring up a good point about price increases. I think the minis recently had a price increase. So if I had bought a Mini months ago I would of payed less then retail and enjoyed having a mini. So I guess buying pre loved isn’t as bad as I thought. Lol thanks!
  9. Good point! They had a price increase recently too! Buying pre-loved isn’t as bad as I thought. Thanks!