Doo Yoo Tattoo?

  1. :wtf: make-ups a great idea! I hadn't considered that whatsoever. Does it hide it well?
  2. It's hides it quite well, especially if your tattoo doesn't have a lot of black (i.e. just a thin black outline, rest if colour). I got away with it the whole of last summer where I wore a skirt almost every day and on the last day of my internship I asked my collegue if he ever noticed my tattoo. He looked at me and said "what? you have mods?!?! where??" :wlae:

    there are a few brands that you can buy online and they cost around USD30 or so...the brand I use is Colortration. I found the site online and it comes in a lot of shades. It's waterproof (comes off with soap), smudge proof and dries quickly (it's a little thick so layer it on instead of caking it on). Hope that helps! :flowers:
  3. actually i always thought the "scar look" is why most people who got white ink wanted it in the first place...that's why i'm leaning towards it. to each their own i guess. :flowers:
  4. i do tattoo!

    i have one big on on my back, which i decided to get done in 1997, but only got it done this year! i have learnt chinese since 97, and ive just become a qualified chinese interpreter... the characters are 'rui qiu', which is my name.. and means 'auspicious autumn'.

    i also have stars on my ankle, and nape of my neck, and a butterfly on my back.

    i am planning my next tattoo, which will be a symmetrical V shape, joining my two hipbones. a swallow on each hip, joined by japanese cherry blossom twigs (all in colour)
  5. Thank you so much, I had no idea you could do that!
  6. That's a cool idea since the cello, violin and viola all follow the same curves as a woman's body!

    Definitely want to see how that one comes out!:smile:
  7. I have three, two kanjii symbols on my lower back. one means "eternal" & the other "grace" (in memory of my mother, her middle name is grace) I also have a chinese dragon on my lower stomach (regret that one!) i'd like to get a celtic cross on the back of my neck.
  8. I have three runes tattoed on my wrist. A horizontal wolfsangel, a version of an Odal rune, and a broken suncross
  9. ^^ i'm curious...does it hurt more to get wrist tattoos?

    my previous tattoos didn't hurt that much, but the wrist is such a sensitive spot, i figured it might sting more. any feedback would be much appreciated! :biggrin:
  10. I have a tattoo of a rose on my thigh. I really want another one, but I dont know where I want it. I dont want it too big either. But I do remember how much it hurt, so maybe not. :p

  11. ooh i am sooo obsessed with miami ink! kat's tattoos are amazing she always makes me teary with the ones of people getting their children tattooed. Anyways no tattoos for me yet, but i do want to get something oceany i am thinking a sanddollar because its like the cross of the sea we'll see :shrugs:
  12. That is the only Tattoo I have so I don't have anything to compare it to, sorry. It hurt less than I was expecting, anyhow, but then again I have a high pain tolerance.
  13. I have a tattoo on each right has a pink cherry blossom and my left is an ambigram. It hurt on the wrist but I don't think it hurt any more than any of my others (I have my kids' names on my hip and a killer whale on my shoulder).
  14. [​IMG]
  15. I have 3
    -right ankle-Red & yellow flowers on a curvy vine
    -left shoulder-a very detailed cross w/ my son's name "Preston" written accross it
    -Lower Back-Sweet butterflies in mauve & pink fluttering around some colorful flowers

    These maybe common designs but I LOVE THEM!